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Everyday Meditations Bundle

A collection of 6 guided meditations that you can use at any time of day to help keep yourself in a great emotional / mental state. These meditations have been selected because of their usefulness in everyday life. Each one is of a modest duration (around 10 - 15 minutes) so that you can experience their benefits without giving up too much of your precious time. 

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What's included in Everyday Meditations...

Becoming Centered and Balanced Within Yourself

An effortless meditation for overcrowded minds. Becoming Centered and Balanced Within Yourself is a short meditation that will help you let go of unwanted mental noise and feel more peaceful during everyday life.

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Supporting Yourself With Living Kindness

Loving Kindness is one thing that you can never have too much of. In our fast paced world, we all need to remember to put our attention on loving kindness – the more often the better.

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Stepping Back From Things

This brief meditation will help you to open up some “inner space” and experience your life from a more peaceful perspective. If things get a little intense for you sometimes sometimes, then Stepping Back From Things will really help you to loosen up, release tension and go with the flow.

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Feeling More Energised

This guided meditation is perfect for people who want a simple way to feel more energised without spending huge amounts of time in meditation. It’s also suitable for experienced meditators who enjoy having a short meditation on hand to enhance their energy levels quickly and easily.

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Letting Go of Tension and Stress

This is an excellent meditation for people who need to need to stay focussed while slowing down what’s going on inside them, mentally and emotionally. It will help you to loosen your grip on life and bring you into the present moment so that you can enjoy living without the burden of a tense and controlling mindset.

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Letting The Ground Steady You

“Letting The Ground Steady You” might not be your first idea of what a guided meditation should be all about, but steadiness is a wonderful down-to-earth quality that many people are missing. Steadiness in life means having a calm confidence. It’s a state of grounded relaxation that leads to effortless self–assuredness.

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