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The Guided Meditation Site has a wide range of free online meditation resources to offer. This page was created to help you quickly find what you are looking for.

Free Guided Meditation Download
Follow this link to download a free guided meditation. This 20 minute guided meditation is easy to follow and yes, it really is 100% free. It includes soothing music and carefully crafted guided visualizations to help you relax and ease into a state of deep meditation.

Free Guided Imagery Relaxations
You've really got to try these! Just sit back and relax while you allow images and sounds to captivate your awareness and transport you to a place of inner calm. We've called these relaxations "guided imagery exercises", but they are so easy and relaxing that you can hardly call them exercises!

Blissful Mind Meditation - Free Guided Meditation

Download Our Free Guided Meditation

If you would like to try a free guided imagery meditation, then click here to download the blissful mind meditation.

This free 20 minute guided meditation is yours to keep.

It's super relaxing, easy to follow and it will allow you to start enjoying the benefits of meditation right away.

How to Meditate
Please visit this page if you are interested in learning how to meditate for free. This section of the Guided Meditation Site is dedicated to teaching traditional meditation techniques so that you will be able to develop the ability to achieve mental and emotional stillness without the ongoing help of a guide. Whether you are looking for a meditation quick start guide, or for more comprehensive instructions, you’ll find everything you are looking for right here.

Free Meditation Music
Just to say "thank you" for visiting The Guided Meditation Site, please visit this page and download some free meditation music. This free relaxation music is yours to keep and enjoy any time you feel the need to relax, unwind and become still.

Free Guided Meditation Scripts
Whether you are a meditation teacher who is looking for a little inspiration, or someone who just enjoys reading a guided meditation, these free guided meditation scripts are yours to enjoy in your own time, at your own pace. You can download them for free from this page.

Free Meditation Timers
Want some great tools that will help you to stick with your meditation for the full duration, without having to keep one eye on your clock? These free online meditation timers will be of great assistance (and they sound really nice too!)

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