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On this page you will find a free relaxation script to read as well as relaxation scripts you can purchase with a royalty free license. A royalty free license gives you legal permission to use the script to create your own recordings and videos.

You can also find more guided meditation scripts here.

Please note that you cannot use any free scripts to create your own recordings or videos. If you are looking for scripts with a royalty free license please click here.

Relaxation Scripts

General Guided Relaxation
This brief script is a perfect example of a general body-mind relaxation. Perfect for preparing for meditation, or just for winding down.

Passive Relaxation Script
This free script will help you to induce a state of total mind-body relaxation. It's a perfect prelude to a guided meditation and takes about 7-9 minutes to read aloud.

Rapid Relaxation Script
This script is for progressive muscle relaxation and it has been condensed so that you can complete the entire relaxation in just 8 minutes.

Royalty Free Relaxation Scripts

Royalty Free Meditation Script

Progressive Muscle Relaxation

This progressive muscle relaxation script is a wonderful guided relaxation for releasing stress. It guides you through a series of muscle release exercises while you breathe deeply, helping you to relax your physical body from head to toe.
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Progressive Muscle Relaxation - Royalty Free Meditation Script

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Approximate Reading Time: 20 - 30 minutes
Delivery: Immediate PDF Download
Price: $ 49
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