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Meditation Articles

Meditation Articles - Helping you to go deeper and to shine brighter!

These wonderful articles on meditation will help you to enhance your meditation technique, open your mind to new meditation methods and deepen your understanding of meditation and how it can benefit you. 

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Articles by Christopher Lloyd Clarke

What are the main reasons to meditate?
"Why meditate?" is a common question. Here are some of the most compelling answers. 

I can't meditate. Yes you can!
If you feel like you can't meditate, do not despair! The solutions are probably a lot simpler than you might think. In fact, there’s a good chance that you are better at meditation than you realize. You might just have fallen victim to one of the most common misconceptions about what meditation actually is… 

Using music for meditation
The right type of music can really help you enter into a state of deep meditation. Here is some great advice for selecting the right kind of music, and some tips that will help you to use music for meditation correctly. 

Where did meditation originate?
I'm surprised at how often this question is asked. Follow this link for a little insight into the history of meditation. 

How to improve mental clarity
Expanding on the previous article about clarity in life, this article offers some "must read" tips for improving mental clarity.

How to design a meditation room 
Wonderful advice on how to design a meditation room. This series of articles on designing a meditation room is so comprehensive that I have turned them into a free e-book that you can download. Follow the link above for the full story. 

What are the secrets of deep meditation? 
Most meditation enthusiasts are keen to learn new ways to enhance and deepen their meditation. This eye-opening article will give you the facts about deep meditation - without the hype. 

Teaching meditation to children
Should we be teaching meditation to children? Christopher Lloyd Clarke shares his views in this article and invites you to join the discussion. 

What are the benefits of meditation for kids? 
Should your kids be meditating? This concise overview of the benefits of meditation for kids will help you decide. 

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Why Have a Meditator Life Partner? 
Nature prepares us for all phases of life. From noisy teenagers to budding professionals; we naturally tread the path further and wish to tie the knot. …

Meditation and Panic Attacks 
The causes and origin are truly unknown; it is twice as common in women as in men, but panic attacks are the same for everyone. Some of you might recognize …

Meditation in Everyday Life 
A lesson from a stressed-out masseur I recently treated myself to a relaxing massage. I’ve had plenty of massages before, but this one took me …

The 30 Second Meditation - Stress Relief That Works  
"I don’t have time to meditate," is what I hear all the time. "I'm too busy in the morning and too tired at night; my life is too stressful for the mind …

How To Stop Aging - Meditation's Surprising Role 
Are you aging unnecessarily? Answer these questions and find out: Do you see gray hair as loss of youth (as opposed to loss of pigmentation)? Do …

How To Break Through To Enlightenment 
Enlightenment breakthrough is peak performance meditation. If you’re eager for the challenge or just want to upgrade your practice, these guidelines will …

Leaving that place of pain and sadness by focusing on the big picture of our lives 
I lost my eleven year old chocolate lab Lulu last week. He was diagnosed with Lymphoma a month ago. When we first found out he was sick, we were told …

How to meditate properly to connect with your spirit guide 
Psychics believe that everyone has their own spirit guide, some call them their guardian angel that watches over us and tries to steer us in the right …

Learning to Visualize in Meditation
- A Guide For Beginners -
 Not rated yet
Over the years, some people have said to me that they have trouble visualizing in meditation. While it is not essential to visualize in meditation, it …

brain cell building with meditation Not rated yet
meditation can build brain cells which in turn increases grey matter. this has been backed up by research. there was a study done years ago. The study …

Enjoy the Health Benefits of Meditation by Practicing it Regularly Not rated yet
In today’s stress driven world, peace of mind, good health, greater energy, positive relationship is what everyone seeks. Meditation is an age old practice …

Meditation - Q & A with Brad Austen Not rated yet
An Interview About Meditation and Success — Questions by Kristina Gailiute and Answered by Brad Austen *I have read that despite its popularity, …

Perks of being a Meditator Not rated yet
Our thoughts manifest themselves in our daily life. In fact the power of thoughts is such that the way we behave and the manner in which situations unfold …

A walking meditation Not rated yet
Recently I’ve been enjoying walking in nature. I find the light exercise and being surrounded by fresh air and greenery places me into a light meditative …

Part 1 - What is Meditation Not rated yet
The idea of using exercise and nutrition to assist in the treatment of illnesses and chronic diseases may seem like common sense now, but this was not …

Meditation and your Emotional Well Being Not rated yet
It is said that people with emotional strength have better control over their feelings and behaviors. It is because of this that they are better able to …

How Meditation Works And Why It Will Definitely Work For You Not rated yet
Meditation methods are many and varied. Some are vocal like mantra meditation. Others, like concentration on breathing, are silent. Some methods sit, some …

The Impossible Made Easy: How Feedback Tames The Restless Mind Not rated yet
"Restless man's mind, How shall he tame it? Truly I think the wind is no wilder." The words echo down through the centuries. All who meditate share …

The Sure Way To Happiness: Solve A Problem You Don’t Know You Have Not rated yet
What is the sure way to happiness? It is awareness. Awareness opens your eyes to beauty and your senses to pleasure. It opens your mind to truth and your …

Beat The Blues With Your Own Mantra Not rated yet
Here's a creative and simple way to beat the blues. It works on the principle that what you say to yourself affects the way you feel and behave. In …

Meditation For Creativity Not rated yet
Meditation is a great tool for enhancing creativity. It helps open up that powerfully creative and flowing subconscious mind, and tunes down the more analytic …

Meditation for Athletic Performance Not rated yet
It is a known fact that athletes cannot win when they are mentally defeated. An athlete that "doesn't have his head on straight" can rarely perform in …

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