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Royalty Free Background Music

The importance of royalty free music (and where to get it)...

Deeply relaxing royalty free background music is an essential part of any guided meditation, hypnosis or relaxation audio production. In fact, the music you choose is often the first thing that people will notice about your work.

Meditation teachers, hypnotherapists, holistic healers, personal development consultants all over the world come to us and ask the same question:

Can I use your music in the background of my own recording?

The answer is:

No. All music on The Guided Meditation Site is for personal use only!

As you might have discovered, there is plenty of deeply relaxing music on this sitebut it is only available for personal use.

However, you can purchase all of Christopher Lloyd Clarke's music with a royalty free license from Enlightened (formerly Royalty Free Meditation

Just to reiterate...

Music purchased directly from The Guided Meditation Site is strictly for personal use only, however you can purchase the same music with a royalty free license from  Enlightened Audio. You will pay a higher price for music with a royalty free license, but this license will allow you to use the music for commercial purposes, for example, to create guided meditation recordings that you can sell to others.

What exactly is Royalty Free Background Music?

When a musician creates a piece of music, they own the copyright to that music. Copyright law prohibits you from using their music in your own project or playing their music in public unless you obtain a license to do so. Royalty free music licensing is the simplest way to get the music you need without infringing on any copyright laws.

We estimate that over 95% of all guided meditation/hypnosis/relaxation recordings incorporate royalty free background music these days. The beauty of royalty free music is that you only have to pay a one-time fee for the music and then you can use that music for commercial purposes forevermore, without having to pay any ongoing fees or commissions to the person(s) who composed or produced the music.

With most royalty free music, there are no contracts to sign and no ongoing fees, which is exactly what most people want when they are creating a guided meditation (or similar) recording.

Royalty free music costs more than "normal" music, but it allows you to make money selling audio productions that incorporate the music. Most people reclaim the cost of their royalty free music just by selling a few downloads of their audio production.

The music on The Guided Meditation Site is for personal use only, but most of our music productions are also available with a royalty free license from

If you are a meditation teacher, hypnotherapist, stress management counsellor, holistic healer or personal development consultant of any kind, you'll find that the support team at Enlightened Audio can really talk your language. Unlike most royalty free music companies they specialize in music for relaxation and healing, and they work almost exclusively with therapists and healers. As a result, they understand your needs and are very capable of proving you with expert advice and assistance.

You'll also find that their royalty free license terms are simple and easy to understand. We know that what you really want is to be able to use music in the background of your own recording, or during live sessions with clients, without ever having to pay ongoing performance or licensing fees of any type. That's exactly what the royalty free background music from Enlightened Audio will allow you to do. 

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