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How to Meditate

This essential introductory article on how to meditate will help to demystify some of the most common myths about meditation, and it will help to make the process of learning meditation a lot easier to handle. 

Learning how to meditate is one of the most fantastic gifts you can give to yourself, and regardless of your age, race, religion, sex or political persuasion, the peace and fulfillment that meditation provides are available to you right now.

In this section of The Guided Meditation Site, I will explain how to meditate using traditional, but simple meditation techniques. These techniques will give you the ability to relax and become still anywhere, anytime. Are you ready? 

Let's Begin

One of the most common things I hear people say when I talk to them about how to meditate is this:

"Oh I can’t do meditation.. I've tried, but I just can’t stop my mind from thinking."

I can certainly understand why so many people feel this way. Most of us have a lot on our minds these days, so it can be very difficult to slow down and stop all our thoughts from taking place. But it might surprise you to know that stopping your mind from thinking is not something you have to worry too much about when you meditate.

"What?!" I hear you say. Does this all sound a bit like the opposite of what you've been led to believe? Probably! Well please read on so that I can clarify one of the great misconceptions about meditation for you.

Your Mind is Like a River

Trying to stop your mind from thinking is like trying to stop a river from flowing with your bare's exhausting and almost impossible to accomplish!

When you learn how to meditate, you learn to step out of the river, and let your thoughts flow past you effortlessly. When you learn to do this, you will find that your river of thoughts slows down all by itself. No effort is required.

Meditation is an act of letting go - not an act of shutting down.

I realize that this might all sound just a little bit abstract to start with, but the idea will become clearer. Trust me when I say that learning how to meditate is probably a lot easier than you might think. Sure, if you have never meditated before then it will take a little practice to get into the swing of things, but even if you are a complete beginner, your first experience with meditation can be quite easy, and very enjoyable!

The most important thing to know at this early stage is that meditation is NOT something that you can measure in terms of success or failure. Meditation is a process, a journey. Many people mistakenly think that they are failing at meditation because thoughts arise in their mind when they try it. But thoughts are a totally natural phenomenon, and it's folly to think that you can completely shut them all off in an instant! 

When you climb a mountain, you journey upwards towards the apex. Depending on the weather that day, you may or may not reach your goal, but whether you make it to the top or not you are still a mountain climber. You still elevated yourself to a new, higher perspective along the way. 

In a similar way, when you meditate you journey inwards towards silence. Depending on your state of mind, you may or may not reach your goal, but whether you achieve total silence or not you are still a meditator! You still elevated yourself to a new, quieter perspective along the way. I promise that even if you only make it half way, the view will be spectacular!

Types of Meditation

Meditation is effortless!

Did you notice how I used the word "effortless" a couple of paragraphs ago? Pay close attention to this word because it sums up the essence of meditation.

Meditation is an effortless experience. It requires no exertion. For some people, this is an unexpected realization. But the fact is that meditation is one of the easiest things to do and most people expect it to be harder than it really is.

We live in a society that believes in the adage "no pain, no gain", and most of the time we assume that in order to accomplish anything worthwhile we must exert ourselves and expend energy in some way. When it comes to meditation, all you’ll need to do is find a little time to put aside to sit quietly. The experience of meditation itself is effortless.

It’s a nice realization isn't it? It's nice to know that you can really develop a greater sense of peace and happiness in your life by doing something as simple as sitting still.

Perhaps the reason why many people think that meditation is hard to do is because many people find it quite difficult to just sit still!

Most of us are very preoccupied with DOING. But you are not a Human Doing, you are a Human Being. When you meditate, you are taking time out to just "be". To sit quietly and experience life without action, life without pure and simple. This is a very human thing to do, but it's something that most people are very unfamiliar with.'s totally natural, wonderfully peaceful, and it's extremely healthy. It's also a lot easier than you might think, in fact, you can meditate right now if you like. If you are willing to read a little more, why not take this free short course in how to meditate, or explore some of the helpful articles further down this page.

Step Into Meditation

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Types of Meditation

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"Relax... Meditation is easy... Let the mindfulness bell do the work for you."

 Mindfulness Bell

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Easy Meditation Techniques

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Techniques - How to Meditate

If you are new to meditation then I encourage you to read the meditation instructions above. However if you already have some experience with meditation and are looking for some new techniques, then this stimulating article may give you an unexpected new perspective! 

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