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Binaural Meditation technology is sometimes called, "The lazy man's way to meditate" simply because it makes the experience of meditation so much easier to master. Binaural meditation involves listening to a special type of music that gently coaxes your brainwave patterns into a state of meditative stillness. The process is effortless and requires no previous training in meditation.

All you need is a pair of headphones and a place to sit quietly, while you listen to your binaural music.

Binaural meditation music will help you to meditate deeper, faster, and it is effective for everyone, whether you are an absolute beginner and have never tried meditation before, or an experienced meditator with years of practice.

Meditation that's deeper and easier to enjoy

Binaural Meditation Music

Meditation can dramatically improve your health, give you a tremendous sense of wellbeing, sharpen your mind, improve your creativity, and help you to relax so very deeply. Meditation has also been shown to slow down the ageing process, and it is without question the most potent way to reduce stress and to achieve peace of mind. So it’s no surprise that when people discover all the benefits of meditation, they are often keen to jump in and try it straight away.

But for some people meditation can be a bit tricky to master. Let’s face it, the mind can be a fickle little creature that loves to be distracted and to chatter away to itself. For this reason many people struggle to get a grip on the process of meditation.

Sure enough, you can learn how to meditate for free on this website. There is plenty of great information available and plenty of free tips for more advanced meditators too.

But we want this website to serve you in more ways than by just presenting information. That’s why we have dedicated this page to Binaural Meditation...because we know how well it works!

So many of the visitors to The Guided Meditation Site are looking for something that can really help to guide them into a state of deep meditation.

Guided meditation downloads are a great way to experience deep meditation and relaxation, but many people want to experience these blissful states of being without spoken word guidance. Binaural meditation music is simply the best solution.

I practiced formal mantra meditation every day for over 12 years before I discovered the concept of brainwave entrainment and binaural meditation, and at first I was rather skeptical about using this type of technology for meditation. My skepticism was compounded by some of the hyped up marketing I came across. All the companies advertising binaural meditation and brainwave entrainment seemed to make wild promises about their products such as:

"Meditate as deeply as a Zen monk, literally
at the touch of a button, and do it the very
first time, and every time."

You have to admit, a promise like that sounds a bit over the top doesn't it? Nonetheless, I know for a fact, from personal experience, that this technology does work, and that it can dramatically improve the depth of your meditation.

I’m a huge supporter of binaural meditation, and when you experience binaural meditation music I think you will be too. 

So many of the people who have downloaded binaural music from this website have positive experiences to report. Here's just one example (verifiable email contact):

"I am writing you now because in my current search to find how to realign with my life's meaning and purpose, I - naively - thought I would look casually into meditation, and thought there was no better place to start than your website. I thought I would start with a binaural recording I purchased and downloaded from your site.

Lord, I was not at all prepared for the depth of that! I was stunned. I did another session last night before going to bed and it was an utterly different experience, at the end of which I discovered I apparently had been "out" for 45 minutes, but I don't know where. It wasn't just sleep. But these experiences have apparently cleared the confusion in my mind and it's like my compass is pointing true north. It was like I was able to tap into some deep wisdom somehow about myself."

Binaural meditations help you to meditate deeper, faster, and they are effective for everyone, whether you are an absolute beginner and have never tried meditation before, or an experienced meditator with years of practice.

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Got Questions?

Want to delve deeper into the world of binaural audio technology? Check out this page of wonderful tips for using binaural audio. This page will answer most questions about how to use binaural audio for meditation or sleep.

For those of you who are particularly adventurous, check out this article on binaural beats. Discover how they are created and how they can help you experience a state of deep meditation without years of practice.

Binaural Meditation Music

Binaural Music

Change the frequency of your mind and go deeper, faster, easier...

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Under no circumstances should you drive a car or operate dangerous machinery while listening to any recording from The Guided Meditation Binaural beat recordings in particular can lead to extremely relaxed states of mind that may endanger you in situations that require your direct attention.

Those who are epileptic or have a serious mental disorder should not use binaural meditation recordings without the approval of a medical professional. Though extremely rate, there is a slight risk of seizure in individuals who are predisposed to epileptic fits. Consult your doctor directly if you have any questions or concerns regarding binaural meditation technology's effect on you.

In addition, we do not recommend binaural meditation recordings for pregnant women, those wearing a pacemaker, those that are photosensitive, or those under the influence of medication or drugs. We also only recommend binaural meditation recordings for those over 18 years of age. Do not mix these binaural meditation recordings with similar products.