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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a valuable resource of information and downloads to people who want to evolve mentally, emotionally and spiritually, and to help people become healthier, happier and more peaceful. 

We are also committed to supporting meditation teachers, personal development consultants and holistic healers by helping them create their own guided meditations, and by helping them to reach a wider audience with their work. 

In this way The Guided Meditation Site acts as a bridge that connects people with a wide range of talented healers and teachers throughout the world.

Why Meditate?

Meet the Managing Director & Co-Founder of The Guided Meditation Site

Susanne Kempken

Susanne Kempken is the co-founder and managing director of The Guided Meditation Site - the world’s most comprehensive online resource for guided meditations. She left behind her successful corporate career to follow her passion for all things meditation. 

Susanne is very passionate about meditation, energy balancing and holistic healing. She has had training in Meditation, Reiki, Metaphysics and Stress Management, and continues to educate herself further with special emphasis on the Chakra System and Energetic Literacy.

As an empath, Susanne is a deeply intuitive and compassionate person with a natural gift for understanding people. She has a genuine desire to help others lead happier, healthier and more peaceful lives, and her work reflects this aspiration.

You can experience her beautiful voice in our free guided meditation download - The Blissful Mind Meditation.

As the author and narrator of numerous guided meditations, Susanne is well known for her soothing voice. A serene and spiritually evolved individual, Susanne has practiced formal meditation for more than 20 years and as a result, her voice is naturally imbued with a rare sense of sincerity and peacefulness.

Susanne Kempken

Meet the Founder of The Guided Meditation Site

Christopher Lloyd Clarke, B.Sc, Msc.D

The author of numerous articles on the science of sound, Dr. Clarke regularly works with meditation teachers, holistic healers, hypnotherapists and personal development consultants to help them produce and distribute their guided audio productions.

Christopher Lloyd Clarke

As a meditation music composer, Christopher is well versed in the scientific principles of psychoacoustics and music psychology, and he applies these principles whenever he writes music for meditation, hypnosis and deep relaxation. A long-time meditator himself, he combines the artistry and science of music composition with his own unique insights into relaxation states.

"While I am composing, I enter into a state of deep relaxation. I feel my way through the music as I search for sounds that draw me into a deeper and deeper state. It’s a wonderful, intuitive process – a process that I have cultivated through years of meditation practice."

Christopher Lloyd Clarke

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Spire Audio

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Spire Audio is an audio production company, specializing in relaxing music composition and personal growth media.

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Enlightened Audio

Enlightened Audio | Royalty Free Music

Persons wishing to use the music productions on this site in their own guided meditations can do so by purchasing music with a royalty free license from

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