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Binaural Audio - Essential Tips and FAQ's

If you are thinking about using binaural audio technology as an aid to meditation, to help you sleep or for any other purpose, then the following page will help you to get the maximum benefit (and maximum enjoyment) from this wonderful audio technology.

  1. What is Binaural Meditation?
  2. How do I do a Binaural Meditation?
  3. How much time do I have to spend listening?
  4. Does Binaural Meditation Work?
  5. Do I need any special audio equipment?
  6. Do I have to wear headphones?
  7. At what volume should I listen to the recordings?
  8. Can binaural audio help me become smarter?
  9. Is Binaural Meditation technology safe?
  10. Can I listen to these mp3 tracks while I do other things?
  11. Can I use binaural recordings to help me sleep?
  12. How long before I experience results?
  13. My mind is still a bit restless. How do I stop it?
  14. Are there any side effects from using this technology?

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What is Binaural Meditation?

Binaural meditation is simply a type of meditation that uses binaural audio technology to bring about desireable changes in brainwave activity so as to induce a state of meditation and deep relaxation.

This specialized audio technology uses sounds called binaural beats. These sounds are usually embedded within soothing music, to help you enter into states of deep meditation that might normally take years of practice to accomplish. It is of great benefit to those who are new to meditation, but is also wonderful for experienced meditators who feel that they have reached a plateau and are struggling to deepen their meditation.

How do I do a Binaural Meditation?

Simply take a seat in a quiet place and close your eyes. Keep your back straight and take a few deep breaths. Now pop on your headphones and play your binaural meditation at a quite volume.

That's it! Just listen to the binaural meditation sounds and allow your mind to be gently guided into deeper and deeper states of meditative stillness.

If thoughts pop into your mind, simply let them go and return your awareness to the sounds in your ears. At the completion of your meditation, take a few minutes to lie down and rest, and then take your time coming back to the world. You'll be feeling very calm and relaxed, so please don't get behind the wheel of your car until you are fully awake.

Many more of your questions about how to do binaural meditation will be answered in the following paragraphs...

How much time do I have to spend listening?

If you are using binaural audio for the purpose of meditation and you are a meditation beginner, then I recommended that you listen for 20 minutes, twice per day. Many people choose to listen for longer than this because the experience is so pleasurable, but more is not necessarily better!

More experienced meditators will often sit for longer periods of between 30 to 60 minutes, twice per day. Of course, not everyone has the time or inclination to spend this long in meditation, and for that reason, some people prefer to meditate only once per day. Meditating twice per day is recommended for maximum effectiveness, but of course, I understand that you have a life to live, and other things to do!

Many of our binaural meditation music tracks are 60 minutes long. Should you choose to spend less time than this in meditation, simply switch off the sounds when you are ready. If you would like to meditate for longer than 60 minutes, then we recommend that you allow the track to finish, and then meditate in silence. After 60 minutes, the binaural audio technology will most certainly have done its work!

Once your meditation is over, please don't rush to get up. During your meditation you will slip into a deeply relaxed state of mind, and you'll need a few minutes to adjust before you go about your day. We highly recommend that you lie down for a few minutes after your meditation and just let your mind wander. Then take your time in getting up and waking up completely.

Does Binaural Meditation Work?

Absolutely. Binaural beats were first discovered over 150 years ago, and have been the subject of a great deal of technical exploration over the last 35 years in particular. Millions of people use binaural meditation to enhance their quality of life and to experience deep relaxation. In fact, binaural audio technology is now used for more than just meditation. It is also used by a variety of practitioners and private users for improving self-confidence, stress relief, pain management, relaxation, improving concentration and improving the quality of one's sleep. If you'd like to read an objective third party report on binaural beats please refer to this Wikipedia article.

Do I need any special audio equipment?

Once you have downloaded your mp3 files, you can upload them to your iPod, or you can burn them to CD. All you will then need is a pair of stereo headphones.

Do I have to wear headphones?

Headphones are HIGHLY recommended. Binaural audio technology depends on a stereo effect in which specific frequencies are played into each ear. If played on an open-speaker stereo system the music will sound different and it will not have the same effect on your mind.

At what volume should I listen to the recordings?

You should listen to the recordings at quite a soft level. Listening to them at a louder volume will not improve their effectiveness. Just select a volume that you are comfortable with, and if you feel that the sound is at all intrusive, simply turn down the volume a little.

Can binaural audio help me become smarter?

Most forms of meditation have been shown to lead to increases in mental functioning, intelligence and creativity. Our binaural meditation music accelerates this process by helping you enter into a deeper state of meditation than you might normally be able to. Over time, binaural meditation definitely offers you the potential to improve your learning ability, your problem solving skills, your focus, concentration and your memory.

Your functioning intelligence is also affected by the quality of your sleep, so our binaural sleep music will also be of tremendous benefit if you are not sleeping long enough, or deeply enough.

Is Binaural Meditation technology safe?

Absolutely. This type of technology has been used by millions of people around the world for decades. It’s important to remember that binaural audio technology does not force your brain to do anything it doesn’t already do. On a day to day basis, your mind generates a number of different brain wave patterns. Binaural music simply trains your brain to spend more time generating brain wave patterns that make you feel calm, centered and focused, and less time on patterns that occur when you are stressed or anxious.

Because this technology can lead to altered states of consciousness, such as drowsiness, deep meditation and trance, you should never listen to this technology while operating a vehicle or heavy machinery.

Can I listen to these mp3 tracks while I do other things?

You can do this, but I recommend that you listen to binaural audio while sitting down or lying down with your eyes closed. The purpose of this type of audio technology is to give you an enhanced experience of deep meditation or to help you sleep. It is unlikely that you will achieve such a state of relaxation while working or performing your daily tasks, even if you do listen to the music at the same time. Some people even report mild headaches if they try to listen to binaural music while working on their computer.

Can I use these binaural recordings to help me sleep?

Of course! Our binaural sleep music is perfect for anyone who wants to sleep more deeply. People who suffer from insomnia LOVE these recordings. Simply pop on your headphones, lie down in bed and relax. The slow delta frequencies will lull you into a deep sleep quite quickly.

Binaural Sleep Music

How long before I experience results?

Everyone is different, and while some people will respond to binaural audio from the very first time they listen, others may require a week or two before they start to get into the swing of things. The good news is that you’ll keep on making progress each time you listen. As time goes by, your ability to achieve a state of meditative stillness becomes stronger and stronger, and you will learn to go deeper and deeper.

If you are using your binaural recordings to help you sleep, the same principle applies. Many people find this audio technology quite overwhelming and are coaxed into a state of deep sleep in minutes, whereas others need time to adjust. Keep using the recordings on a daily basis. They will have an accumulative effect on your mind and will continue to peel off layers of stress and slowly acclimatise you to the experience of effortless sleep.

For most people, positive changes take place gradually...just like the physical changes that you experience by going to the gymnasium. If you go to the gym on a regular basis, it is impossible for your body to stay the same. Positive results are inevitable. Daily use of binaural technology leads to positive changes in the same inevitable way.

A word of advice...some listeners find that their mind is very active the first few times that they listen to a binaural audio. The reason? Because the experience is so new to them, they cannot help but study the sounds, and they consciously wait for something to happen. Let go, and just allow the sounds to fill your mind and you’ll slip into a state of relaxation quite quickly. The experience should be effortless and does not require intense concentration.

My mind is still a bit restless. How do I stop it?

It can be frustrating when mental chatter gets in the way of meditation or when you are trying to sleep. Here are a couple of pointers for dealing with this:

We suggest that you start by accepting the chatter, rather than trying to stop it or force it away. Mental chatter will dissolve on its own as you slowly relax and unwind, so drop your resistance to it.

Next, try observing your thoughts in a detached way. Simply be a curious witness to them. Observe them as they arise and allow them to come and go. If you notice that you have become tense, especially in the muscles in your face, scalp, or around your eyes, simply relax and return your awareness to the sounds in your ears.

Some meditations will be deeper than others. This is normal and you should expect some natural variation in your experience of these recordings...after all, you are a human being, not a robot, and so on some days your mind will be more receptive to meditation than others. However, one thing is for sure, these binaural music recordings will deepen your meditation and enhance your ability to sleep regardless of what is going on in your life at the time. Regular use is the key.

Are there any side effects from using binaural audio?

Users of binaural audio often report that they have very vivid dreams, or that they dream more often than usual.

On rare occasions, all types of meditation practice can lead to some emotional discomfort or even mild headaches as you release negative, unresolved mental and emotional patterns that may have arisen from your subconscious mind. This can also happen if you have been very tense or extremely stressed in your life. This is temporary and will resolve as you continue to progress with your meditation. All forms of meditation lead to healing, and sometimes that healing takes place on an emotional level.

You should not expect this to happen to you. We are simply pointing out that it is possible, no matter how rare.

Other than this, the only real side effects of binaural audio technology are all very desirable: Improved health, better emotional and mental stability, improved mental clarity and a more peaceful outlook on life!

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