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Part 4 - Finishing Up and Making Progress

Welcome to the final article in these meditation instructions. In this lesson you will learn the correct way to end a meditation, and you'll gain some insight into what to expect from meditation with long term practice.

Finishing a Meditation

When your meditation is over, don’t get up immediately and start running around. Lie down for at least a few minutes afterwards to allow your body and mind to gradually return to a normal waking state before you get up and resume your normal activities.

You should certainly not drive a vehicle immediately after meditating. Whether you think you experienced a deep meditation or not, give yourself at LEAST a few minutes to come back down to earth!

If you have the time to drift off to sleep after your meditation then you will experience a most blissful period of rest that is deeper and more restoring than normal sleep. When you wake, you will feel an incredible sense of calm and wholeness. 

Aaah the Bliss...

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Like so many things in life, you will find that your ability to enter into a deep meditation improves over time. Practicing your meditation daily will reward you with an ever deeper and more blissful experience.

Daily meditation is a habit worth sticking to if your goal is to live a happy peaceful life. Long term meditators usually rave about how meditation has changed their lives and most cannot imagine living without it. When you become advanced at meditation, you may experience profound, transcendent states that are so deep and blissful that they simply cannot be described with words.

Meditation and Your Life

Meditation will not just make you feel relaxed for 20 minutes of your day. It will affect your whole life in positive ways.

Think about it for a moment…every choice you make, every direction you take, and each moment that you respond to in your life is colored in some way by the quality of your state of mind.

If you’re feeling negative, it’s more likely that you will make poor choices, or miss out on positive opportunities. If you’re feeling clear, calm and open minded then you are more likely to respond to life in a ways that lead to positive outcomes, success, and happiness for yourself and all those around you.

As time goes by you may choose to increase the duration of your meditation. More meditation is not necessarily better, but after a few months of practice you may consider increasing the length of your meditations to between 30 and 60 minutes. This will give you more time to enter into a deep meditation.

Allow your progress to unfold at a pace that suits you. Remember, meditation should not be a chore, it is an enjoyable reward that you give to yourself.

I hope you have enjoyed these meditation lessons. If you’d like more information on how to make progress with your meditation, then following this link to explore more great meditation tips or click here to explore our meditation articles

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