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Perks of being a Meditator

by Geeta Yadav

Our thoughts manifest themselves in our daily life. In fact the power of thoughts is such that the way we behave and the manner in which situations unfold in our lives are nothing but the reflection of our thinking pattern. No wonder it has been stated so often that ‘Man is what he thinks all day.’ Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, the renowned spiritual master says, ” If only we could realize how powerful our thoughts are, we would only put our attention on the positive.” Wow! Wouldn’t it be amazing to be that powerful? Yes! The power to control the mind is within us or lest our mind would control us. What is your present status?
The only word that is all powerful and puts the mind to rest in peace and optimism is meditation.
So meditation is the key to discover the positive power within us. But our recalcitrant mind would resist the same so let’s discuss some pay offs as reasons to meditate.

#1 Boost Your Happiness Quotient
We strive for happiness in life. Sooner or later we realize that happiness can neither be bought nor sold. Even a promotion or a salary hike brings momentary happiness. Meditation helps us to realize that happiness is our natural state and comes from within.
As Sri Sri puts it - One who is turned inward / centered can never lose track of happiness. Imagine a corporate office where the boss is able to boost the happiness quotient of his team as he is a happy being at all times. He may be a hard task master but his aura promises optimism, respite and confidence. He smiles with his eyes to embrace colleagues, family and friends. At the end of the day, we don’t change companies but bosses, we do not divorce families but spouses and we do not laugh to be happy but we are happy so we laugh.

#2 Makes You Fit as a Fiddle
Meditation helps us to get rid of powerful thoughts that are negative enough to suggest illness, poor vibes and failure to the subconscious mind. We begin to believe in bad omens but actually the culprit is our mind and the thoughts we fuel.
In fact meditation helps us to break free from fears, failures and hurtful memories that haunt like phantoms. We think healthy, feel healthy and the same positive thoughts manifests as fitness of mind and body in real life. Daily meditation helps us to go cleanse the nooks and corners along with the deepest closets of our mind and also removes daily clogs. It is like lighting a candle to banish darkness with the help of the guiding light.

Churns Out the Poison

Meditation helps people to get rid of bitterness in life. It actually churns out the poison that hurts you and stops the chatters from the back of your mind. Meditation sends beams of awareness and enlightens us to the reality of life and we realize that we can be sweet only once we churn out the bitterness.

Social Management

Meditation acts deep within and as we turn inward we are satisfied and contented with our own self. We are not bored of our own company and therefore do not waste valuable time in keeping up with innumerable people all around. Friends, colleagues and companions stay where they are and our relationship is fine tuned without much ado. We don’t become a recluse but our presence brings quality in relationships and we realize we need not waste hours socializing when our vibration is positive and fine tuned in the most effective way.

Better Communication

As stated above, regular meditation clears your mind. From a garbage bin full of negative dialogues and monologues, your mind feels aired and fresh. Meditators notice that they are able to speak fluently without any hitch or fear. The change is so subtle and natural that it is not noticed by them but is well received by onlookers or listeners. Imagine a time when words or expressions don’t fail you, you simply speak from the core of your heart and people listen in awe and admiration.

#3 Creates Time
Meditation creates time. Not that it adds virtual hours but yes it makes you doubly energetic, swift, enthusiastic and lively. You don’t slouch or crib but you become a go getter who lives in the present moment and therefore gives it his 100%.

#4 Feel the Natural Protection and Signals that Caution
Meditation no doubt protects us as it makes us intuitive. We get negative vibes in situations and from people in general. It helps us to respond accordingly or even wriggle out safely. We befriend our mind that doesn’t tire us with unnecessary negativity but at the same time we listen to the sounds of silence that caution from deep within. We learn to balance, apply brakes and move on.

#5 Peace Reigns as Happiness Rains
Meditation brings in to our natural state of being happy. Happiness at all times brings in peace and contentment. We strive better at our job to meet ambition or communicate better to win over people. We don’t do innumerable things for happiness as we are always happy. Meditation adds a perennial stream of happiness hormone leaving us focused on other issues. A peaceful mind responds to all situations good or bad and attracts solution rather than rift.

Meditation spreads a healthy sheen to your mind and body. It adds colour and radiance to your face. It keeps negativity and diseases at bay as we now focus on the positives. It’s like nurturing our life with optimism and gaiety. Our attitude changes and therefore our life becomes liberated from stress and ill health.

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