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Royalty Free Meditation Scripts

Royalty Free Meditation Scripts
Frequently Asked Questions

95% of all support requests are resolved by the FAQ's below, but if you can't find the answer you're looking for, please feel free to contact us here.

Please note: All meditation music and guided meditations on The Guided Meditation Site are for personal use only, and may not be used to produce your own audio recordings or videos. 

Can I use your scripts to make YouTube videos? Can I monetise my videos? 

Yes! You can narrate our scripts to create videos for YouTube or any other video platform, and you can monetise your videos too.

Can I use your scripts to make recordings?

Yes! You can narrate our scripts to create recordings and you can distribute your recordings in any format you like. 

Can I sell and distribute my recordings for profit?  

You sure can. Any recordings you create with our scripts can be distributed by you, under your own name, for profit. 

For example, you can distribute your recordings via any music streaming platform such as Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon Prime. You can distribute your recordings in Apps, and you can sell downloads and/or CDs of your recordings too. 

Can I read your scripts to my students or patients?

Certainly! You can read our royalty free meditation scripts to audiences of any size and type. This includes any kind of classes, conferences and events, either in-person or via online live-streams.

What does it cost to get a license for your scripts?

The cost of a license is included in the price of each script. There are no additional payments to make. Simply add the script(s) you want to your cart and proceed through checkout. 

Can I modify your scripts? 

You can modify our scripts in whatever way you like, and you can create recordings with your modified scripts too. However, it is very important to understand that modifying our scripts does not mean that you have created a new script that you own. 

You cannot distribute our original scripts in text format, nor can you distribute modified versions of our scripts in text format, no matter how many changes you make. 

Our scripts belong to us. Purchasing them does not mean you own them, it simply means that you have purchased the right to use them. Modifying our scripts does not impart any ownership to you. 

Can I give my recording a different name to the title of the script? 

You sure can. You can either use the title of our scripts as the title of your recordings, or you can give your recordings their own unique name. The choice is yours. 

Can I publish your scripts on my website?

No. Our scripts cannot be distributed or published in text format, either in their original form or any modified form.

When I receive scripts from you, what format will they be in?

Your scripts will be delivered in PDF format. 

Can I use your scripts to create a royalty free meditation recording library? 

No. You cannot use our scripts as the basis for any recording or video for distribution via any kind of royalty free library, stock library or production library. 

Can I use your scripts to create recordings or videos for other people or other businesses?

Yes, but keep in mind that you must purchase a script on behalf of each and every person or business for whom you create recordings or videos. 

Each script is licensed to just one person or business. It is illegal to use the same script repeatedly to create recordings and videos for multiple persons or businesses.

Do I have to credit you?

No you don’t, however if you do publish a recording or video that uses our scripts, it is traditional (and greatly appreciated) for you to mention The Guided Meditation Site as the source of your script. 

Questions about using our music

Can I use your music to create my own guided meditation?
No you cannot. Our music downloads are for personal use only and are protected by international copyright law. If you wish to purchase "copyright free music", then please visit

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