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Feeling More Energised 

This guided meditation is perfect for people who want a simple way to feel more energised without spending huge amounts of time in meditation. It’s also suitable for experienced meditators who enjoy having a short meditation on hand to enhance their energy levels quickly and easily.
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Feeling More Energised - Short Guided Meditation

Duration: 15 minutes
Author: Linda Hall
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Please note: This Guided Meditation is for personal use only.

This meditation is also included in our Everyday Meditations value bundle.
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A few words about this short Guided Meditation

This guided meditation uses a number of techniques to boost your energy levels and recharge your life-force.

  1. It uses breathing exercises to oxygenate your mind and body. This has a very immediate effect on your nervous system and increases the production of energy within you.

  2. It uses visualizations to encourage energy to flow into you, and through you. Your mind is a very powerful tool and when given the right directions it can release huge amounts of energy to you. The visualizations in this meditation will make you feel like you are absorbing life-force energy from an infinite field of available energy.

  3. It uses relaxation techniques to help you to become calm, so that you stop wasting energy on excessive mental chatter or burning out your nervous system with worry or other negative emotions.

This meditation is short enough for you to enjoy it any time you need to recharge yourself and boost your energy levels, but it’s also long enough and deep enough to have a very powerful effect on you. You will notice (and enjoy!) the difference.

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