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Stepping Back from Things

This brief meditation will help you to open up some “inner space” and experience your life from a more peaceful perspective. If your mind feels a little crowded sometimes, then Stepping Back From Things will really help you to loosen up, release tension and go with the flow.
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Stepping Back from Things - Short Guided Meditation

Duration: 9 minutes
Author: Linda Hall
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Please note: This Guided Meditation is for personal use only.

This meditation is also included in our Everyday Meditations value bundle.
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A few words about this short Guided Meditation

Stepping back from things means withdrawing your attachments to the events and circumstances in your life. It’s a mental/emotional process that allows you to see the bigger picture, rather than getting caught up in the little things.

This meditation will guide you with simple suggestions and visualizations to experience a more spacious, peaceful perspective on your day to day moments. It's short enough to use at any time of the day, but long enough to have a significant effect on your mental and emotional state. Great for those times when you need a little rescue from the intensity of life. 

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