Soothe and Nurture Bundle

This deeply relaxing meditation bundle includes a special selection of guided meditations and meditation music to soothe and nurture the inner you. These meditations will help you to open your heart and strengthen your innermost self, so that you can step out into the world feeling confident, safe and calm. Enjoy a deeply relaxed body, a quiet mind and a peaceful inner self. This meditation bundle is a great way to care for the inner you. 

Includes 3 guided meditations and 4
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What's included in the Soothe and Nurture Bundle...

Feeling Loved - For encouraging and strengthening self-love

Feeling Loved

Feeling Loved is a guided imagery meditation that will take you on a wonderful journey to encourage and strengthen self-love and self-worth in a simple, feel good way. It will leave you feeling deeply relaxed and loved. There is only one you and you are a unique and lovable individual . . . it's time to remind yourself of that. So give yourself some love, you deserve it!

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Feeling Safe - For releasing fears and improving confidence

Feeling Safe

'Feeling Safe' is a guided imagery meditation that will take you on a powerful journey to help you release your fears and improve your confidence. It’s a great meditation for helping to alleviate anxiety. It uses guided relaxation to help soothe you, as well as symbolic visualizations to instil a deeper message of calm inner strength. This album also includes a short meditation that you can use any time of day, even during your lunch break.

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Progressive Muscle Relaxation - For releasing physical stress and tension

Progressive Muscle Relaxation

Progressive muscles relaxation is one of the most effective stress relaxation techniques you will ever experience. It’s also one of the most important. Even if you are only slightly stressed, you may not realize how much tension you build up in your physical body. This progressive muscle relaxation will guide you with simple exercises that help to release stress from your physical body. It relaxes your muscles, it helps to balance your blood pressure and heart rate, it will oxygenate your entire body, and it will bring you an overall sense of relief and deep rest.

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Pure of Heart

Deliciously relaxing and emotionally expressive, Pure of Heart is an elegant piano composition by Christopher Lloyd Clarke that will soothe your mind and encourage a state of open heartedness. This music is great for relaxation and meditation, but it is also beautiful to play in the background as you go about your day. It's a definite heart warmer!

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Quietude is food for the soul. It soothes and relaxes you right down to your very core. This beautiful meditation music makes it easy to settle into a serene and content state of mind, an effortless journey into deep relaxation. It also encourages "bio-rhythmic relaxation" by gently reducing your heart rate and breathing rate. You may even feel a sense of euphoria as your nervous system relaxes and your body increases its production of endorphins.

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The Essence of Peace

The Essence of Peace is a Zen meditation music masterpiece that is wonderful background music for meditation, or for any time you want to let it all go and drift away....

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Crystal Rain (Theta)

Crystal Rain is a musical work of extraordinary peacefulness and purity. This therapeutic music is a perfect complement to meditation. It is wonderful for energy cleansing and is highly recommended for anyone suffering from anxiety or depression. Bring a little peace into your day with this hauntingly beautiful composition by Christopher Lloyd Clarke.

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Contains binaural beats and isochronic tones.

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