Progressive Muscle Relaxation MP3

This progressive muscle relaxation mp3 has just one purpose - to completely rid your body of stress. Not only does it relax the muscles, it also helps to reduce all the physical symptoms of stress. It will help to balance your blood pressure and heart rate, it will oxygenate your entire body, and it will bring you an overall sense of relief and deep rest.

Progressive Muscle Relaxation - Guided Meditation with Susanne Kempken Duration: 23 minutes
Narrator: Susanne Kempken
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A few words about this Guided Relaxation

A correct progressive relaxation technique can take some time to master on your own, which is why we have created this wonderful recording for you to download.

During this progressive muscle relaxation, you can either sit or lie down. All you need to do is relax as you are guided through a series of easy breathing exercises, while gently contracting and relaxing certain muscle groups.

As you listen to this deep muscle relaxation mp3, you’ll feel every muscle in your body become completely relaxed.

This progressive relaxation technique is extremely effective, and because the relaxation takes place on a deep physical level, the experience can be quite euphoric, as your body begins to releases endorphins that lead to the feeling of a natural high".

Essential Relaxation!

Progressive muscles relaxation is one of the most effective stress relaxation techniques you will ever experience, and it is also one of the most important.

Even if you are only slightly stressed, you may not realize how much tension you have built up in your physical body. You probably won’t realize just how shallow or how intermittent your breathing has become either. It’s not until you experience the deep relaxation and relief that comes from a progressive muscular relaxation that you become aware of just how tense you were to begin with.

As you are probably aware, many health problems are the result of stress. From common colds to chronic life threatening diseases, more and more we are coming to realize the many ways in which stress affects your overall health in negative ways. This deep muscle relaxation mp3 works to counteract the physiological effects of stress in your body and restore you to a state of perfect health.

It’s more than just a muscle relaxation!

This progressive muscle relaxation mp3 won’t just sooth your muscles, it will help you to relax from head to toe. You’re going to feel rested, peaceful and far more positive once you have experienced this progressive relaxation.

We highly recommend that you listen to this recording regularly, to keep stress from building up, and to keep you feeling relaxed and in great health. Over time this recording will have a hugely positive effect on your health and your overall sense of wellbeing.

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