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Choosing the right guided meditation music is a critically important part of creating a guided meditation. The music that you use in your audio production will be one of the first things that people notice about it, and it will add an enormous amount of atmosphere and depth to the overall experience for all your listeners.

Please Note
Music purchased from The Guided Meditation Site is for personal use only, but you can acquire a license to use our music in your own recording from
Enlightened (formerly Royalty Free Meditation

You will pay a higher price for the music, but this price includes the cost of a license which will allow you to use the music to create your own recordings which you may then sell to others.

Getting a license to use music in your guided meditation

Unless you are lucky enough to be a music composer yourself, you will need to either:

a. Select some royalty free music, or
b. Have original music composed and produced for you.

Read on as I explain the pros and cons of these two options.

Quick reminder: As I mentioned in this article about recording your voiceover, whenever possible you should organize background music for your guided meditation BEFORE you visit a recording studio. This will save you plenty of hassles (and repeat visits to the studio) when the time comes to record your guided meditation.

Royalty Free Music

Royalty free music is by far the most popular choice for guided meditation productions.

What is Royalty Free Music? "Royalty free" means that when you purchase the music you need for your production, you pay a one-off fee only. You can then use that royalty free music to create and sell as many guided meditation CD’s or MP3’s as you like, without ever having to worry about paying any ongoing royalties.

The company or person that you bought the royalty free music from retains the copyright to the music (but not to your guided meditation - that's all yours) and can sell the same background music to another person.

Where to find Royalty Free Music

There is plenty of royalty free ambient music and royalty free new age music on the internet these days. Unfortunately, much of this music is not really suited to the needs of professional meditation and hypnosis productions. Why? Well there are three main reasons:

1. Quite often this music is only available as short loops (anything from 90 seconds to 5 minutes or so).

2. The person(s) who created the music usually have no experience in meditation themselves, and;

3. The music is part of a library of tracks that are destined for use in a wide range of generic applications, such as TV, radio and online video productions.

As a result, most of the royalty free music that is listed under the categories "meditation" or "hypnosis" is really just short tracks of new age music that would probably be more at home in a TV commercial than as background music for a professional guided meditation!

As you and I both know, when it comes to guided meditations and hypnosis productions, a nice long piece of super relaxing music is usually required.

With that in mind, allow me to introduce you to Enlightened This website offers a wide selection of music compositions that have been created especially for meditation, hypnosis and relaxation. You'll find plenty of soothing tracks in lengths of around 15 minutes, 30 minute and 60 minutes. There's really no other music resource out there like it.

Original Music Composition

Perhaps you have a very specific type of music in mind...something that you’re not going to be able to just buy “off the shelf”.

Perhaps you want to have sole ownership of the music that is used in your guided meditation.

If so, then original music composition is for you.

Original music composition can cost quite a lot more than royalty free music, but for many people the feeling of exclusivity and uniqueness that comes from having music composed just for you is very hard to beat.

It might also make your guided meditation seem more attractive to potential customers if you are able to print the words, “With original music composed by...” on your CD cover.

It’s an exciting and rewarding experience to work with a composer, and to hear your own guided meditation music come to life, but finding qualified music composers who can create quality meditation music can be a real nightmare (yet another reason why royalty free music is so popular these days).

I'd love to finish this article with a bunch of links to composers other than myself , but in all honesty, meditation music composers who create original guided meditation music are a real rarity.

You can always try an online search for "Ambient Music Composers" or "Relaxation Music Composition", or you might even like to reach out to your own circle of family and friends. More and more people are creating music in their own home studios these days, so the chances are you know someone who can create original music for you.

Just prepare yourself for a shock when you receive a quotation. Music production usually takes a lot more time and effort than people imagine, and as a result, costs can be unexpectedly high. If you do contract the services of a composer, make sure that you:

a. Get a fixed price guarantee, and

b. Receive a written and signed "transfer of copyright ownership" document from the artist who created the music. This document will give you exclusive rights to the music you have purchased. Without it, the artist retains the copyright to the music and could (in theory) continue selling it to other people.

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