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How to sell a guided meditation download

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Do you have a guided meditation download that you want to sell on your website? This article will show you how to do it quickly and easily, and without spending any more than pocket change.

Selling digital downloads is a LOT easier to do than you might think, and quite cheap too...if you know what you are doing.

I’ve spoken to plenty of people who are keen to sell a guided meditation download from their website, and unfortunately many of them say things like:

“I just don’t know how”, or
“It’s too complicated” or
“I have to get in touch with my web designer and talk to him about it...”

There’s really no need for all this fuss and bother! The fact is, these days it costs almost nothing to start selling digital downloads, and it’s very quick and easy to set up.

How quick and easy? All right then, let’s get right into the “how to” of it all.

How to sell downloads on your website

Let’s start with a brief overview of how to sell your guided meditation download from your own website.

1. Create a guided meditation and turn it into an mp3 file.

2. Open a Paypal account if you don’t already have one. For many of you, this is a no-brainer. Paypal is probably the most popular way to transfer funds over the internet, and is essential if you want to sell anything online these days.

3. Sign up to a digital download service like DPD or Payloadz (more on this in a minute).

4. Copy and paste a little bit of code to your website to create an “Add to Cart” button that your customers can click on.

You do not need to pay a web developer to build a digital download facility for you, and you do not need to buy or install any software.

How do digital download services work?

Digital download services make things so easy. We will describe how it works with DPD because we use DPD on this website and it's the service we are most familiar with.

You start by uploading your guided meditation mp3 to DPD, and they store it on a secure server. When a customer clicks on the “Add to Cart” button on your website, DPD handles the transaction and ensures that you receive payment in your Paypal account. Once the payment is received, DPD sends the customer an email that contains a link to their download.

Basically, DPD makes sure you get paid, before delivering your guided meditation to your customer for you. It’s all automatic.

Who offers the best digital download service?

We have spent countless hours reviewing, exploring and using various digital download services. Here are three of the best:


DPD (Digital Product Delivery) is famous for being extremely user friendly and for being one of the cheapest digital download services around. They offer one month free to new users. They also include a free affiliate management system.

Ease of use 9/10 Pricing 9/10 Reliability 10/10 Customer service 10/10


Payloadz also offer a very reliable download service and very cheap start up prices. In the past, Payloadz offered unlimited file storage, which was great if you had lots of really big files to sell. Unfortunately they started limiting their customers storage in late 2012, so they dropped down our list of favorites a little.

Ease of use 8/10 Pricing 7/10 Reliability 9/10 Customer service 6/10


E-Junkie is a popular digital download service, but may be a tad complicated for some first time users. E-Junkie also only allows quite limited storage space so if you have more than one guided meditation download to sell, then chances are you’ll need to upgrade your account (and monthly fee) soon after you sign up. In their favour, E-Junkie do offer the first month free. They also have a very funky looking pop up shopping cart that many people find appealing.

Ease of use 6/10 Pricing 7/10 Reliability 10/10 Customer service 8/10

The verdict?

We have listed three of the most popular download services here, so it's a tough call, but in our opinion DPD is the best overall service for people who want to sell guided meditation/hypnosis downloads from their own website.

More than anything our opinion has been shaped by how easy DPD is to use. So if you are looking for an uncomplicated, low cost way to get started selling your guided meditation downloads, then we highly recommend DPD. We use DPD ourselves on this very website.

Why you should sell digital downloads

There are three major reasons why selling your guided meditation as a download is preferable to selling it as a CD.

1. Every year the number of people who choose to buy digital downloads increases, and the number of people who buy CD’s declines. In 2010 music download sales increased by 29 percent and they have been falling ever since. MP3 downloads now outsell CD sales in most countries. Yes, things really have changed that much already!

2. Digital downloads are much better for the environment. Think about all the transport vehicles that are required to deliver a CD, not to mention the plastics that go into the production of CD’s. Digital downloads are a much cleaner, greener way to deliver your guided meditation to your customer.

3. Digital downloads are much cheaper to create. You don’t have to spend nearly as much on graphic design costs, and CD duplication costs are eliminated altogether.

Of course, there will still be a market for CD sales for some time to come, but they are definitely on the decline. It’s no wonder really, given that it is so easy to buy and sell digital downloads these days.

A final tip for selling your download online

Whenever possible make sure you add a short audio sample of your guided meditation to your website so that your visitors can preview it before they buy. People are far more likely to buy your guided meditation download if they can actually hear what it sounds like first!

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