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Ensure That Your Recording is Legal

Fines for copyright infringement can be financially devastating, so if you have created a guided meditation, hypnosis or any other type of recording, then it’s extremely important that you go through this checklist to ensure that you are “in the clear”.

Music, words and pictures. Make sure you have the right to use them!


Some people mistakenly believe that they can download music from this website and use it to create their own guided meditation recordings. That's a big no-no! 

If you intend to create a recording which you will make available to others, either for free or for profit, then you must purchase the music with a royalty free license from Enlightened

This principle applies to just about all music resources. You cannot create a recording using music from iTunes, Amazon or your favourite CD. Even if you found some free music somewhere, do not assume that this means you can use or re-distribute that music.

The use of music without a proper license is a very serious offense. So if you have created any kind of recording that uses background music, then make sure that you either:

a. Purchased it from a royalty free music library, or
b. Have written permission to use the music from the copyright owner or publisher.

Think you might have made a mistake? Don’t gamble on it. Feel free to contact us for advice if you are unsure. We’re happy to help in any way we can.


Did you write your own guided meditation script, or did you copy material that you found in a book or on someone's website?

If you have copied someone else's material, then you may have infringed on their copyright. Unless the written material you used has been marked with a statement that gives you permission to reprint or republish it, you must assume that is illegal for you to use.

If you have discovered a written resource that you would dearly like to reproduce in written or audio format, make sure that you first contact the author and request written permission to use it.


If you have published a CD or MP3 graphic (either in print or online) then you must ensure that you have the right to use the images that you utilized.

You cannot use images from any of the following resources without written permission:

a. Books, magazines and other print media.

b. Websites and Google image search results are off limits too.

Once again we come to the subject of "royalty free" resources. Royalty free images are the simplest way to legally acquire images for your CD, MP3 or website. We use recommend for royalty free images.

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