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How to Copyright Your Guided Meditation

If you have created any kind of audio production, it's natural for you to want to protect it from illegal copying and distribution, so what must you do to ensure that it's properly protected?

It might surprise you to know that once your audio production is complete, it's already protected!

Most people mistakenly believe that their work will not be protected unless they register it with a special government organization that manages copyrights. This is not the case. While there are plenty of government organizations and privately owned copyright registration companies that can offer you "peace of mind for a fee", you should know that copyright protection is automatic under international law.

When you create something, you own it, and no one can take that away from you. However, it is advisable that you take the following steps to ensure that you can effectively claim copyright ownership of any material that you create.

1. Keep evidence of the development of your audio production.

Should someone infringe upon your copyright it helps to have some evidence that your audio production is in fact yours. Keep a hold of any materials that you created during the development of your audio production. For example, if your production includes a voiceover then the script you wrote would serve as evidence. Burn a copy of your recording to CD and keep it in storage. Even something as simple as the receipt for the royalty free background music you used in your recording will also serve as additional evidence.

2. Deter infringement.

Make it clear that your work is protected under copyright law by adding appropriate notifications to your CD cover, CD disk, MP3 meta tags and to any web pages from which your audio can be purchased. At the very least this notification should include the copyright symbol ©, followed by the year the work was completed and your name. For example: © 2015 Your Name. All Rights Reserved.

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