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Enlighten Me

Awaken your mind, open your heart and connect with the spiritual master within. This dreamy meditation music will take you there.
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Enlighten Me - Meditation Music by Christopher Lloyd Clarke

Duration: 60 minutes of continuous music
Artist: Christopher Lloyd Clarke
Delivery: Immediate MP3 Download - Worldwide
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Please note: This music is for personal use only. For a royalty free meditation music license please visit Enlightened Audio.

A few words about this spiritual music

Enlighten Me was inspired by the monastic life of Zen masters. It’s a tribute to those rare enlightened beings that spend their days in deep meditation and wandering the candle-lit halls of some far away temple.

This deeply spiritual music features almost 50 different temple bells, Tibetan singing bowls, chimes, gongs and metallic resonances – all interspersed with the sound of a soulful flute and ethereal choirs.

Enlighten Me will get you in touch with that sacred place of stillness and peace within you. It's a musical journey that you'll come back to over and over...whenever you want to clear your mind and re-connect with your spiritual self.

Enlighten Me is also available with Binaural Beats. Click here for more information...

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