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Enlighten Me - Binaural

Awaken your mind, open your heart and connect with the spiritual master within. This dreamy, meditation music will take you there.

Enlighten Me - Theta Binaural Music Duration: 60 minutes of continuous music
Artist: Christopher Lloyd Clarke
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A few words about this spiritual music

Enlighten Me was inspired by the monastic life of Zen masters. It’s a tribute to those rare enlightened beings that spend their days in deep meditation and wandering the candle-lit halls of some far away temple.

This deeply spiritual music features almost 50 different temple bells, Tibetan singing bowls, chimes, gongs and metallic resonances – all interspersed with the sound of a soulful flute and ethereal choirs. With the addition of brainwave entrainment frequencies, this music is deeply powerful and relaxing all at once. 

Enlighten Me will get you in touch with that sacred place of stillness and peace within you. It's a musical journey that you'll come back to over and over...whenever you want to clear your mind and re-connect with your spiritual self.

This is "eyes closed" music. Please do not listen while driving.

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