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Sonic Mantra FAQs

Here are the answers to the some of the most common questions about Sonic Mantra meditation music.

Which of your music downloads are sonic mantra music? 

The following compositions all contain sonic mantras:

1. Deep Within

2. Tribal Eve
3. The Essence of Peace

I already meditate and have my own mantra. Can I still use Sonic Mantra Meditation Music?

Absolutely. In fact, if you already meditate using a mantra, then Sonic Mantra meditation music will reinforce the depth of your mantra. Simply repeat your mantra in time with the Sonic Mantra music and you’ll find yourself slipping into deep meditation very quickly. Your own mantra will combine with the sound of the music and envelope you in a deeper meditation experience. 

Is Sonic Mantra Meditation Music for beginners or is it for advanced meditators as well?

Sonic Mantra meditation music is for anyone who wants to meditate deeply.

If you are a beginner to meditation then you will find that Sonic Mantras are an excellent way to start experiencing meditation. It can take time to develop the mental discipline needed to experience deep meditation. Sonic Mantras definitely make the process a whole lot easier for beginners. Put it this way, you may be a beginner now, but you be a beginner for very long once you start listening to Sonic Mantra meditation music.

If you are highly experienced at meditation then you will find that Sonic Mantra meditation music helps you to go even deeper, even if you already use a mantra of your own. 

Do I have to listen to the entire hour of music?

Most Sonic Mantra meditation music tracks are 60 minutes long, however this does not mean that you have to meditate for that length of time. The length of your meditation is up to you, but if you do like to meditate for a full hour, then you will have enough music to enjoy for the full duration of your meditation. 

Can I listen to my Sonic Mantra when I am not meditating?

Indeed you can. Sonic Mantra meditation music is wonderfully soothing to listen to while you are working, exercising or relaxing at home...any time you choose. However you should never listen to this music while you are driving a vehicle.

Sonic Mantra meditation music, with its rhythmic tones, is a perfect accompaniment to walking meditation, and it also great music to listen to while practicing yoga. Synchronize your walking, your breathing or your asanas with the sonic mantra for a truly transcendental experience. 

Still have questions?

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