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Sonic Mantra Meditation Music

An explanation of the concept of sonic mantras and how to use them to enhance meditation.

I love meditation music. It’s just so incredibly relaxing to listen to. But did you know that meditation music can do more than just soothe you? When composed with the correct acoustic principles in mind, meditation music can play an active role in clearing your mind and helping you to concentrate. "True meditation music" as I like to call it, can actually guide you into a state of deep, relaxing meditation.

Most forms of "ambient music" and "new age music" are very relaxing and enjoyable to listen to, but music that contains a "sonic mantra" takes things to the next level by utilizing an essential principle of meditation...


Mantras are an essential part of any meditation practice. As you may know, a mantra is usually a phrase or sound that you mentally repeat to yourself to anchor your mind in the present moment and keep it from wandering off. Your mantra could be a word, a sound, a physical movement, or your own breathing. One thing is for sure, without a mantra most people find it very difficult to still their mind.

It is possible to create music that contains a mantra that is made from sound? 

This type of music contains a repeating series of notes that provide a mantra-like foundation to the music. These "sonic mantras" are hypnotic, utterly relaxing and even more importantly, they give you a sound that you can easily concentrate on during your meditation. Sonic mantras can really help you to let go of thoughts and slip into a state of deep meditation.

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Sonic mantras are such a simple idea - simple but extremely effective.

It's not always easy to remain focussed on a mantra during meditation, but music that contains a sonic mantra definitely makes the experience quite a lot easier. Unlike a typical mantra that you repeat to yourself mentally, a sonic mantra will never miss a beat or start daydreaming! It's reliable, effortless and totally effective.

The cyclic sound of sonic mantras give rise to a gentle rhythm within you, like a mesmerizing pulse that embraces your awareness and guides your mind into a state of clarity, peace and deep meditation.

Music For Meditation

Other Benefits

In addition to the usual benefits of meditation, sonic mantra meditation music is particularly effective at calming an overactive mind and is a wonderful natural treatment for insomnia. If you are highly stressed, having trouble sleeping or if you just can't seem to switch off, then this type of music can really help you find much needed relief.

This specialized form of meditation music also has one other interesting benefit...

Extend the Positive Effects of Your Meditation

One of the best things about meditation music that contains a sonic mantra is the way that it extends the relaxing effects of your meditation throughout the day, helping you to remain calm and centred as you go about your life. Here's how...

Have you ever noticed how much of your thinking is repetitive? Like a catchy tune that gets stuck in your head, we often rehash certain moments of our lives over and over in our minds.

Now if you happen to be thinking joyous thoughts, then you’ll probably be feeling upbeat, happy and light. But if you are stewing on negative thoughts, painful memories, stresses or worries, then the longer you chew on those thoughts the more drained, anxious and negative you will feel. If you’ve ever had an argument with someone, then you'll know how hard it can be to stop mentally re-living the experience for hours, even days after it has ended.

How do you break the cycle and get that "negative tune" out of your head?

Just bring the sound of your sonic mantra to mind! Remember the sound of those repeating notes and play it back to yourself mentally for a minute or two. Whenever you do this, you’ll instantly start to feel relaxed and centred. Your subconscious mind remembers the sound of the music you listen to while meditating, and so it associates that sound with a state of calm stillness.

So even if you don’t have your stereo system or iPod with you at the time, just the memory of your sonic mantra will do the trick. Like a catchy tune, it will replace the chatter in your mind with a soothing mantra that is calming, but unobtrusive.

"It’s like hitting the OFF button on negative thinking."

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I believe wholeheartedly in the power of sonic mantra meditation music and I want you to experience it for yourself. So even if you decide not to buy any of this special meditation music, please do download some free sample music to enjoy.


If you'd like to know more about the benefits and uses of Sonic Mantra meditation music, please follow this link to Sonic Mantra Frequently Asked Questions.

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