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Sleep Well

These guided meditations combine gentle hypnotic suggestion, and state of the art Music Brainwave Entrainment technology to help you sleep. Linda’s soothing voice leads you through progressive states of relaxation to cure insomnia and lull your mind and body into a state of blissful sleep. Also available without background music (voice only).
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Sleep Well - Guided Meditation

Duration: 3 Tracks - 73 minutes
Author: Linda Hall
Delivery: Immediate MP3 Download - Worldwide
Price: $12.95
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Please note: This Guided Meditation is for personal use only.

A few words about this Guided Meditation

Linda’s soothing voice leads you through progressive states of relaxation to lull your mind and body into a state of blissful sleep. Each track can be used separately as a sleep inducer.

The beautiful background music contains binaural tones to help induce a deep state of delta relaxation.

Please note that brainwave entrainment music requires the use of headphones, so that each ear receives a specific frequency. You can listen to Sleep Well through regular stereo speakers, but the effect of the binaural tones will not be as effective.

If you'd prefer to enjoy Sleep Well without background music, then a voice-only version is also available.

Track 1 – Preparing For Sleep (25:00 min)

Track 2 – Settling In To Sleep (27:00 min)

Track 3 – Sleep Well (21.00 min)

Comments & Reviews

"Listening to Linda’s clear and gentle guidance encouraging me to feel my support, follow my breathing and rest in myself simply allows sleep to come to me. A gift."
Carrie Tuke, Body-Mind-Movement Therapist, Helen Bamber Foundation.

"Sleep Well signals to the busy part of my brain that it’s time to stop doing, and prepare myself for sleep. I cannot tell you what a difference a good night’s rest makes and how this has been helped by the CD. Linda’s gentle and soothing voice is comforting as well as reassuring, meaning I can completely relax and allow myself to go with it. I would recommend it unreservedly."
Charlotte Atkinson, Lincolnshire.

"I had a night recently when I couldn’t fall asleep. I’d worked too late into the evening and just couldn’t settle. I listened to Sleep Well and fell fast asleep, feeling very peaceful and delightfully soothed. I was aware of feeling like I was surrounded in velvet! I’m delighted by how good it was and will be very happy to recommend it to my clients who have trouble sleeping."
Amanda Falkson, Psychotherapist, London.

"Sleep Well CD is a very powerful tool in combating insomnia. In less than half an hour it is possible to move from post-day stress to complete physical, mental and emotional relaxation that really facilitates a peaceful night of unbroken, re-invigorating sleep."
Aoife McGrath, London

"I listened to the first and second tracks and had a really good night’s sleep. I think the overall impression is about 75% better sleep."
Carol Mathison, London

"I enjoy listening to Linda’s calm and relaxing voice on 'Sleep Well'. It helps me to have a much better night sleep."
Bahar Fussell, Richmond

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