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The Archangelic Antidote
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A guided archangel meditation for reducing and releasing stress, and healing the body. Using guided imagery, this meditation allows the archangels to intervene on your behalf to help you release whatever is causing stress and anxiety in your life, followed by a gentle archangelic healing. Genuinely soothing and deeply relaxing.

Royalty Free Meditation Script - The Archangelic Antidote Approximate Reading Time: 25 - 35 minutes
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Meditation for Reducing Stress

Breathe in deeply and draw in with that breath pure white light, the healing light of the universe. 

As the white light travels down into your lungs and infuses your bloodstream, it begins its journey throughout your physical body, cleansing, clearing, illuminating and rejuvenating every cell. 

As you exhale, feel yourself letting go of any resistance to the process of healing, letting go of any resistance to relaxation. Feel yourself letting go of the outside world as you give in to the serenity of your inner being, allowing this time for self-care.

Let the white light fill your body and your energy field, and feel a sense of calm overcoming you.

Now picture a rainbow of colours swirling about you as you continue to breathe in and out, deeply and evenly. 

Red brings you renewed energy and the resources to cope with life’s demands.

Orange brings vitality, motivation and innovation.

Yellow enhances your sense of well-being, joy and confidence. 

Green promotes healing, the space to breathe and balance. 

Blue opens you up to authentic communication, dispelling denial to see the truth of your current circumstances. 

Indigo, a deep inky blue, aids your ability to think clearly, and to visualise the outcomes you intend. 

Violet promotes relaxation and restful sleep. 

As these colours continue to swirl around your being, see which one stands out to you most. 

Now imagine that colour wrapping itself around you like a blanket of protection as you begin this journey into peace.

Wrapped in your beautiful blanket you become aware of a white door appearing in front of you, a bright golden light shining from the keyhole. 

You realise that the key to this door is already in your pocket. This key appears different to everyone who takes this journey as it belongs only to you. The journey begins when you open the door.

When you are ready open the door.

You feel yourself bathed in golden light as you step through the doorway into the realm of the angels. It is warm and inviting. 

Within this space you are surrounded by benevolent beings of light who have witnessed your struggles, your dilemmas and your pain. They are holding out their hands and welcoming you into this healing retreat. 

Notice the most beautiful relaxing, etheric music emanating from all directions, yet appearing to come from nowhere. Allow it to soothe your mind, your body and soul as the angels invite you to sit and be still. 

An armchair lined with angel feathers appears before you, and as it takes your weight you can feel it drawing all the cares and worries of the outside world from you. Notice the angels smiling in acknowledgement of this revelation.

Call now, in your mind, Archangel Jeremiel, who has been waiting for some time to help you.

[Jeremiel is pronounced like Jeremy without the “y” and add the word isle] 

No agent of the divine can interfere in your life or supersede your free will without your permission, and so they must wait to be asked in order to help you. 

Jeremiel, whose name means “Mercy of God”, has been waiting to help you to review your life and responsibilities. Mentally ask him to show you how to reduce your load.

Be aware of three boxes before you, each one labelled. Box one says “Can Do”, box two says “Can’t Do”, and box three simply says “Can’t Face”.

Beside these boxes is a stack of papers, piled high. You may notice that this pile causes tension in your solar plexus, the area around your stomach. What you are feeling is an anxious reaction to your burdens. 

Archangel Jeremiel smiles gently at you and takes the pile of papers. Knowing that you are not alone in facing this overwhelm, you feel the tension begin to dissipate.

Jeremiel begins to sort the papers into the relevant boxes until it no longer looks as daunting as it previously was, but you may still be anxious as you are unable to see how this translates to your life. 

Jeremiel turns each box around, showing you a new label. 

Now the first box says, “mine to do”. This is the box with the least sheets of paper in it, it weighs the least and is organised into dates and deadlines. 

The second box says “give it back”. This box is full of the responsibilities of others, responsibilities you have inadvertently taken on board in a misguided attempt to be of help. 

Carrying the burdens of others is a noble but foolhardy quest and Archangel Jeremiel is confident that you have what it takes to lovingly restore those tasks to their rightful owners, he is reassuring you that he will help you find the right words and the right time to claim back your power and your freedom by doing so.

The last box, the biggest, fullest and heaviest box, has a poignant label. It says “Hand it to Heaven.” 

This box contains all the things that you cannot control, all the small details that you have no say in, the external circumstances that, like trying to hold back the tide, have been sapping your strength and diverting your attention from the smallest box of the things you can deal with.

Archangel Jeremiel is asking you to relinquish the entire contents of this box to him. With your permission he will take this box away. Give him that permission now, a simple nod will suffice, and then watch him disappear with the box into the golden light, leaving you feeling lighter, more organized, and ready for the next step on your healing journey.

. . . 

Call now, in your mind, upon Archangel Raphael, whose name means “Whom God Heals.” Raphael has been waiting for you to ask for his help to remedy the physical ravages of the stresses and strains you have been carrying.

Allow Raphael to draw in close to you as you relax in the feather lined chair. Positioning himself behind you, he is tipping the back of your chair to rest upon his knees, allowing you to look up at his gentle expression. 

Raphael requires your permission to heal you. All it takes is a simple nod, do that now.

Feel the Archangel slide his hands gently beneath your shoulders, allowing the heat to build in this area of your physical body. His hands are positioned precisely to apply pressure with his forefingers into the knots that have developed in your shoulders either side of your spine. This area of your physical body may feel tender as it is where we carry the weight of burden.

Breathe through any discomfort as this gentle pressure is initiating release. As the tension begins to seep from your shoulders, neck and spine, you may want to breathe out a deep sigh.

Raphael repositions his right hand over your eyes. You may see flashes of emerald green as he begins to cleanse and clear your 3rd Eye, erasing any images and thoughts that may have disturbed your sleep and peace. 

Breathe out gently now.

Raphael takes up position in front of you where he elevates your feet and rests them upon his knees. Placing his hands upon them, feel his warm touch as he carefully places his thumbs into the centre of your soles. As Raphael applies pressure you notice a sensation in your tummy, the area around your solar plexus. 

Allow yourself to breathe more deeply as your diaphragm relaxes and the last remaining tension drains from your now fully relaxed body. Allow the tension to seep down through your legs and into Raphael’s hands, knowing that this benevolent angel has restored your balance, energy and sense of calm.

Raphael, before taking his leave, re-wraps you in your brightly coloured blanket of protection and infuses its fabric with his healing energy, this energy will stay with you beyond your meditation and into the rest of your day. Be reassured by Raphael’s smile as he disappears into the golden light beyond.

. . .

Call now, in your mind, upon both Archangel Azrael and Archangel Haniel. Azrael’s name means “Whom God Helps” and Haniel’s name means “Grace of God.”

Azrael is the angel of transformation and he has been waiting to help you. With your permission, a simple nod will do, he will help you to let go of those things, situations and people who are no longer a part of your journey. This celestial counsellor will listen intently as you recount your feelings and express your grief. Allow him to comfort you now. 

You may feel yourself wanting to cry as your soul releases that which is past, to make way for a brighter, calmer future. Trust the gentlest of Archangels to support you as you grow through this life lesson that has brought you to this place of transformation.

. . .

With your permission, a simple nod will do, Archangel Haniel will surround you in a field of Grace, a protective bubble of soft blue-white energy that filters all outside noise, stress and drama, leaving you detached from anything which you cannot control, honouring your energy levels and cycles, completing the work that Jeremiel began.

Azrael and Haniel will accompany you, if you wish, throughout your day. Ask now. 

. . .

Stand from the chair, thank the angels and step back through your white door, closing it behind you and remembering these words as you return to the everyday state in your own time:

“I am calm, confident, relaxed and in perfect balance. I carry only what is mine upon this journey. I am supported and protected by the Archangels, grace surrounds me. All is well.”

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Royalty Free Meditation Script - The Archangelic Antidote Approximate Reading Time: 25 - 35 minutes
Delivery: Immediate PDF Download
Price: $ 39
All prices are in Australian Dollars
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