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Letting Go Of The Day
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A guided imagery meditation for total stress release and deep relaxation. It uses colorful balloons to release any worries and stress in a pleasant and easy to follow manner. Wonderfully relaxing and enjoyable.

Royalty Free Meditation Script - Letting Go Of The Day Approximate Reading Time: 22 - 32 minutes
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Welcome to the “Letting go of your day” meditation. This meditation will help you release all the stress and pressure of your day.

As you immerse yourself in this meditation and let go of all your worries and tension, you will begin to feel a pleasant relaxing feeling that is familiar to your mind and body. This wonderful familiar feeling is your natural resting state. 

You can be free of concerns, and free of responsibilities. This is your time now, your time to relax.

As you sit back and begin to relax, just allow your eyelids to close down slowly and remove your focus from the outside world. It’s time to go down into a state of peace and relaxation. 

And now take a slow deep breath in, and hold it. Now breathe out completely.

As you breathe in again, allow the feeling of relaxation to wash over you.

Let your shoulders drop down a little more with each out breath.

Feel the tension in your face smooth out as the muscles in your face relax.

Each and every breath you take brings you more peace, and your whole body is relaxing.

Now, as you enjoy this feeling of peace and relaxation, imagine that you are standing alone in an open grassy field, or a special place out in nature that is peaceful to you. 

This is your imagination so there are no limits, there are no rules. Wherever you find yourself is just fine. Just allow your imagination to roam freely and allow it to choose whatever works best for you. When you feel ready, in your imagination, just go to that place.

[Short pause]

Now you find yourself standing in this peaceful place that you’ve chosen. There’s no one around you, you’re standing alone, feeling wonderfully free. Free of the daily stress, free of all the noise, no one around to disturb your peace. 

You can take this time to reflect on your day with a feeling of detachment, just think about some of the things that happened today, or recently, things that didn’t go the way you wanted them to go, any daily worries, any stress or frustration, responsibilities, all the hustle and bustle, and the feeling of being too busy, things you don’t like, and what you would like to change.

In this place, here and now, you are ready to let go of all the stress, and embrace the peace. 

Letting go of stress can be easy and it can be fun. And because this is your imagination, and there is no one around, it can be a pleasant, enjoyable experience.

You look down and just like in a dream you notice that suddenly you are wearing a jacket with deep pockets. You become a little curious. You wonder what’s in those pockets.

As you reach deep into the pockets, you pull out handfuls of brightly coloured balloons. You don’t really wonder too much about how they got there, just like you don’t wonder why you’re wearing a jacket. Because just like in a dream, things can appear and disappear, and you can decide on the meaning or change the meaning as you please.

As you look down at your hands holding all those brightly coloured balloons, you get a wonderful idea and you know just what to do, to let go of any remaining stress in your mind and your body.

There may be one or two things that are causing you stress, or there may be many things. It’s time now to release all of that, so that you have peace of mind.

You think of the first issue that is causing you the most stress. What is at the front of your mind? What is the biggest stress that you would like to remove first? Now give it a name.

It could be a situation, or a person, your career or a money issue. Whatever it is, you will know it right away. 

When you have given your stress or problem a name, go ahead and think of a colour that you like, a colour that is soothing and comforting to you.

When you have chosen a colour, just look down and notice that you have a balloon in that exact colour. Imagine that this colour can soothe and comfort your stress.

Now go ahead and blow up the balloon. As you take a big deep breath in your imagination, just imagine that you are exhaling and filling up the balloon in one big out breath. As you exhale in your imagination, you also exhale all of the stress and worry concerning your biggest issue. Now tie the balloon, sealing in all of that stress about your biggest problem or issue.

You notice that you feel a little better, you feel a little lighter. 

Now imagine that you can write the name of your stress or worry on the balloon. You can use your finger and trace the words or you can imagine that you have a pen to write with. Either way is fine, this is your imagination, there is no right or wrong way to imagine things.

Now you are ready to let this stress or worry go. You hold the balloon high up in the air, open your fingers and release it. You watch as the breeze catches and carries the balloon, and you see it moving along higher and higher. You start to feel happier and lighter than you felt before.

You watch the balloon float upwards and become smaller. As it becomes smaller, you feel much lighter and feel more relaxed. You watch as it becomes just a small dot in the sky. As it disappears it carries away your stress with it.

Now you are ready to release your next concern.

Now think of the next thing that is causing you stress. It may feel less intense than the previous one, but you know how much better you will feel when you release it. So, think of what you would like to release next.

[Short pause]

When you are ready, give the stress or worry a name again, just like you did before. 

Now choose a colour that feels peaceful to you. Dig deep down into your pockets and find a balloon that matches that colour perfectly. Imagine that this colour can heal the stress you are feeling, and bring you peace.

In your imagination, take a big deep breath again and breathe out all that stress and worry into the balloon. You’re doing really well now.

Now you can tie the balloon, sealing in all the stress and worry. When you are ready, write the name of that concern on the balloon. Whatever you want to call it is just fine and perfect for you.

Now it’s time to let it go. Raise it up into the air, and just let the wind catch it and carry it away. Imagine feeling lighter than before, more carefree than before. As you watch it disappear into the blue sky, you feel the stress of that concern fade away.

Take a moment to enjoy feeling lighter, feeling more peaceful, feeling carefree. Allow that sensation to fill up your body. Feel how good that feels and allow yourself to relax even more. 

Now there is only one more thing to do. As you stand there under the perfect blue sky, notice the stillness and peace in your body. Take the time to become aware if there is any more tension or stress that you are holding in your body, or anything else that is on your mind, however small.

When you have found it, no matter how small it is, notice it and be present with it. It may be something very small or it may be several minor issues. It may be something that you can’t clearly name and you don’t have to even try. Just simply notice that there is something there.

Now think of a colour that represents total peace to you, and when you reach into your pocket you find that you have a balloon in that exact same colour.

Take the last of your remaining worries, and in your imagination take a big deep breath and release all the leftover worries in one big out breath into the balloon. Tie it up and seal everything in. 

Notice how you feel even better now. You are letting go of the last of your worries and frustrations, so that you can feel even more carefree than you did before.

Now one last time, raise your arms and let go of the balloon, allowing it to become free, releasing everything right now, letting it all go, feeling more peaceful and relaxed. 

You lie down and take a rest on the warm soft grass, and watch as the balloon floats away. Take your time watching it floating away, becoming smaller and smaller, until it’s finally gone.

Enjoy this feeling of being carefree, your body completely relaxed, your mind feeling free.

When you are feeling relaxed enough, you can slowly begin to bring yourself back to wakeful alertness, slowly returning to the here and now, feeling wonderful, replenished and fresh. 

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Royalty Free Meditation Script - Letting Go Of The Day Approximate Reading Time: 22 - 32 minutes
Delivery: Immediate PDF Download
Price: $ 39
All prices are in Australian Dollars
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