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Deep Relaxation By The Ocean
Royalty Free Meditation Script

This meditation script guides the listener to focus on breathing gently, rhythmically, in time with the ocean waves. It uses guided imagery and a soothing body relaxation technique to completely relax the physical body step by step.

Royalty Free Meditation Script - Deep Relaxation By The Ocean Approximate Reading Time: 20 - 25 minutes
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For the best experience, turn off your phone and dim the lights. 

Before you take a seat gently stretch your body, reaching your hands up to the ceiling. Then lightly shake out your arms and legs, allowing your muscles to loosen in preparation for this meditation session. 

Find a comfortable spot where you can sit or lie back in a relaxed position, preferably where there are no distractions.

Allow the palms of your hands to face upwards to help set the intention of opening yourself to this experience. You may adjust the position of your body at any time for your comfort. 

Fully engage all your senses. Whenever your mind wanders notice the thoughts without questioning them, and allow them to drift away. 

Give yourself permission to have this time to relax and unwind. This is what you choose to do right now. This is where you choose to be. No past, no future, just the present moment. 

When you are ready take in a full deep breath, filling your lungs completely, and then letting it out ever so slowly, allowing your shoulders to loosen and relax. 

With each breath in, allow your body and mind to calm. 

With each breath out, release all discomfort as you exhale completely. 

As you take in another deep breath, let it gently roll out in its own time, feeling your shoulders drop as you do. 

Feel your eye lids becoming heavy and gently closing if they haven’t already. 

With each breath in, notice your lungs filling up and expanding. 

As you exhale hear the air as it is released. Each deep breath is a signal to your mind and body that it is time to slow down, to rest. 

Breathing in calm, breathing out discomfort. Inhaling and exhaling gently. 

Focus on the movement of your chest and abdomen, like the ebb and flow of the ocean, in and out. Waves rising up and then gently sinking back down into calm. 

Feel that purposeful rise up and then the letting go, calm and relaxation flowing throughout your body.

Hear the sound of air being inhaled and exhaled, reminiscent of ocean waves at a distance, washing up on sandy shores. 

In your mind’s eye you can see that ocean, the blueness of the water, white crests as waves merge and roll in, one after the other, breaking on the shore, leaving a sea of treasures to warm in the sun.

Imagine that sun shining on you, warming your face and shoulders.

The sky is dotted with clouds lazily drifting by, just drifting and floating, pillowy softness. Focus on the sensation of drifting and floating, floating and relaxing, your mind light and open, your body totally relaxed.

Feel the beauty of the moment, the sights and sounds calming your mind and body.

Imagine the rhythmic whooshing of waves, like a beautiful melody rising from the depths of the ocean floor, a song that touches you to your very core. 

As you listen to the music of your soul, any sounds coming from the environment around you serve to relax you even more. The sounds around you are the sounds of everyday life, and they comfort you, allowing you to relax even deeper. With each sound you hear, you relax more and more.

At times your mind may wander. When it does, gently bring your focus back to your breath, hearing the rise and fall of those ocean waves with every breath you take, feeling completely safe and totally at ease.

Allow yourself to be mesmerized by the ocean waves, rising and falling, rising and falling, rolling in one after the other, the power of nature in motion. Embrace this experience, breathing in harmony with the ocean, in and out.

Life-giving oxygen is flowing with every breath, in and out, healing and renewing.

Warm swirling energy is tingling and flowing through your body, bringing relaxation and calm as waves of lightness flow upwards.

With each exhale, hear the sound of a sigh as the air is released, freeing your mind and body from any pressure, feeling relief and calm, feeling good.

Your body continues to breathe deeply in its own comfortable rhythm, relaxing more with each breath.

Your breaths are becoming slower and easier, calming your mind and body, allowing your heart rate to slow down, and your nerves to settle.

Feel the release of tension in your forehead and neck, feel your jaw and facial muscles relaxing and softening.

Feel the relaxation moving down, loosening your shoulders, flowing through your arms, tingling in your fingertips as it flows through your hands.

The feeling of comfort and warmth is now moving down through your torso, swirling around your organs, enveloping them in a warm, healing energy.

It then flows freely throughout your mind and body, swirling and tingling right down to your feet, warming your toes with that healing force.

Your body is alive with that warmth, that power, unstoppable energy in motion, flowing through your cells, nourishing your body and your mind, adapting, and creating a united front following the path of least resistance, energy dancing and swirling in harmony, generating comfort and warmth.

Now imagine the sun as it slowly descends towards the ocean, transforming the heavens into brilliant shades of crimson and gold. In your mind’s eye see the sun sinking down in the sky, deeper and deeper, the ground rising up to greet it as if embracing a dear friend.

Allow the last of any tension to drain away with the setting of the sun, the sky slowly darkening into twilight, into evening, stars now shining and glistening in the sky, the moon full and bright as it shines down on the water, ripples dancing in the moonlight, radiating out, and then slowing down and becoming still once again.

As you take a deep cleansing breath in allow your lungs to exhale in their own gentle rhythm, releasing tension like the mighty ocean releases the water, allowing the waves to relax and return to gentle calm, waves of relaxation flowing through your body and your mind, allowing yourself to slow down, and be still.

Enjoy these feelings of peaceful relaxation, of lightness and freedom, basking in the knowledge that you can enjoy deep relaxation anytime. 

You now have the awareness and experience to relax deeply each time you meditate, embracing the ability to be in the present moment, feeling a new lightness and freedom, free of emotional and physical discomfort.

Your mind is a deep and powerful resource to draw on and each time you meditate with this deep relaxation session, you relax easier and deeper than the time before, getting better and better at relaxing. 

Now take a deep breath in and slowly release it, allow your conscious mind to slowly, gently come back to the here and now.

In a moment you will hear me counting down from five to one. At the count of one you will be wide-awake, feeling refreshed with a beautiful sense of well-being.

Five … you will remember everything you have experienced during this meditation.

Four … your mind and body becoming more aware.

Three … wiggle your fingers and toes.

Two …. open your eyes.

One … you’re now fully conscious, wide-awake, and alert.

Take a deep breath and stretch your body gently. Make sure you are fully re-oriented before getting up.

Welcome back and enjoy this day.

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Royalty Free Meditation Script - Deep Relaxation By The Ocean Approximate Reading Time: 20 - 25 minutes
Delivery: Immediate PDF Download
Price: $ 39
All prices are in Australian Dollars
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