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Rainforest Waterways

Relaxing sounds for stress relief, meditation and sleep. 74 minutes of nature sounds - so alive, fresh and crystal clear that you’ll feel like you’re actually there!

Rainforest Waterways - Meditation Music

Duration: 74 minutes of continuous nature sounds
Artist: Christopher Lloyd Clarke
Delivery: Immediate MP3 Download - Worldwide
Price: $ 9.95
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Please note: This music is for personal use only. If you are looking for music
with a royalty free license please visit Enlightened Audio.

A few words about these relaxing nature sounds

Christopher Lloyd Clarke recorded these incredible nature sounds in the spring of 2012, but has never released them to the public until now.

He took recordings from dozens of locations along a pristine rainforest waterway and blended them into one seamless experience, from mini waterfalls to trickling streams to swirling eddies and everything in between.

Careful recording and mastering of these recordings has resulted in a natural soundscape that’s so alive, fresh and crystal clear that you’ll feel like you’re actually there, especially when listening with headphones.

Listening to Rainforest Waterways is the ideal way to tune out from the world and relax. This soothing recording also adds a tranquil atmosphere to meditation and is an extremely effective alternative to music for those who have trouble switching off and falling asleep.

We hope that you delight in the sounds of Rainforest Waterways!

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