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Meditations To Ease Anxiety & Depression

Meditation can raise your vibration from a state of anxiety and despair to a state of peace and hope. If you’re life is darkened by the experience of anxiety and depression, then we highly recommend this collection of soothing meditations. They will certainly help to bring a sense of lightness and peace back into your life.
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Meditations to Ease Anxiety & Depression - Guided Meditation

Duration: 7 Tracks - 50 minutes
Author: Brad Austen
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Please note: This Guided Meditation is for personal use only.

A few words about these guided meditations

Anxiety and depression are very common conditions in our modern society. But living with these conditions doesn’t make you any less of a human being. In fact it often means you have greater empathy and an open heart. I have had bouts of panic attacks and depression for many years.  The content of this album is very close to my heart, something I was inspired to create, not only for myself but to help others. Visualization and meditation have really helped me; the trick is remembering to use these tools during a crisis. The meditations on this album are designed to help you ease these conditions, so that you may have a brighter day. Meditation can raise your vibration from a state of anxiety and despair to a state of peace and hope. The key is remembering to practice meditation regularly. Guided Meditation is particularly useful if you wish to have some direction and support during your meditation practice.


Preview Track 1 - Introduction (5:35)

An introduction about anxiety and depression and how the pressures in life can sometimes lead to these discordant states of being.  We aren’t really taught by our parents or in schools how to deal with adversity and challenge.   This introduction outlines some of the metaphysical aspects of energy and how powerful we are to create our emotions and state of being.  Some advice is also given so you may get the most out of your meditation practice.

Preview Track 2 Protection Introduction (1:18) & Track 3 Protection Meditation (11:50)

In this meditation I take you through a visualization technique to call upon violet light for clearing and healing.  I then guide you to visualize a bubble of protection surrounding you to strengthen your aura and help protect you from the negative influence of others.

Preview Track 4 Anxiety Introduction (0:41) & Track 5 Meditation to Ease Anxiety (13:24)

In this meditation I take you on a journey to ease your anxiety.  Combining breathing exercises, visualization and some powerful affirmations to aid this process of clearing your anxiety and placing you in a better frame of mind.  The visualization explores a metaphor of a train coming into a station and clearing away any unwanted thoughts or emotions that may be affecting you.

Preview Track 6 Depression Introduction (0:58) & Track 7 Meditation to Ease Depression (16:31)

In this meditation I take you on a journey to ease your depression and lift your spirits.  I combine breathing exercises with visualization and some powerful affirmations to clear and lift your mood.  Life can be like a roller coaster with ups and downs, in this meditation I take you on a visualization to assist in healing and lifting your mental state and emotions.   

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