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Meditations For Life 2

Set to gentle background music, over an hour of guided meditations using creative visualisation and subtle energy awareness that will take you on a journey of self-healing to deep relaxation, balance and inner calm.
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Meditations For Life 2 - Guided Meditation

Duration: 3 Tracks - 74 minutes
Author: Linda Hall
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Please note: This Guided Meditation is for personal use only.

A few words about this Guided Meditation

Meditations For Life 2 is all about deep relaxation and self-healing. Set to gentle background music, this soothing guided meditation download explores the more subtle aspects of meditation, using creative visualisation and subtle energy awareness to promote deep relaxation and self-healing.

It includes a powerful chakra meditation, a beautiful colour healing meditation and a joyous smile meditation. Each track takes you on a path of discovery within yourself, guiding you to ever deeper levels of inner peace and contentment.

Meditations For Life will really help you to feel much calmer, healthier and more balanced in your daily life.

Track 1 – Chakra Healing Meditation (26 min)
Track 2 – Colour Healing/Protection Meditation (22 min)
Track 3 – Meditation on a Smile (26 min)

Comments & Reviews

"This is a supportive and enriching CD. Linda’s gentle but powerful use of metaphor guides you towards a sense of inner wholeness. I recommend it unreservedly to anyone seeking self-growth and inner healing.”
Alex Howard, Author of ‘Why ME? My Journey from M.E. to Health and Happiness

"A truly outstanding CD!"
Beth, Germany

"Absolutely brilliant – I did the lovely smile meditation today and I’m still smiling!
Jacqui, Lancashire

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