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Inner Wellbeing

Gentle, yet powerful guided meditations for inner wellbeing and relaxation. These deeply relaxing meditations help you to manage anxiety and negative thinking, release stress and develop a kinder relationship with yourself. They teach you how to build and maintain a healthy base-line for wellbeing through practicing mindfulness and self-compassion.
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Inner Wellbeing - Guided Meditation

Duration: 4 Tracks, 70 minutes
Author: Linda Hall
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Please note: This Guided Meditation is for personal use only.

A few words about these guided meditations from Linda Hall...

These guided meditations teach you how to stop ‘anxiety thinking’ patterns; show you how to manage discomfort and emotions; and help you to be less self-critical.

The increased demands and challenges of 21 Century life make it all the more important that we maintain a core sense of inner wellbeing. Awareness and self-compassion are the building blocks for us to be able to do this. Learning to practice mindfulness, and being kinder to ourselves on a day-to-day basis, decreases our stress load, opens up opportunities and allows us to lead more satisfying and fulfilling lives. Awareness gives us choices. Becoming aware of what’s blocking our ability to feel good in ourselves and about our life enables us to make conscious, positive choices that empower us rather than detract from the quality of our lives.

Track 1 – Introduction (2:16 min)
Track 2 – Managing Thought Patterns (18:20 min)
Track 3 – Being with Feelings and Sensations (23:23 min)
Track 4 – Healing the Inner Critic (25:59 min)

Comments & Reviews

'I’ve looked forward to receiving your latest meditation album, and I have not been disappointed. It has been a warm and comfortable experience, a bit like saying hello again to an old friend. I have enjoyed the richer focus on the mindfulness elements of the meditation and value how well your meditations meet where I am now at in my life. How gently and compassionately it holds, supports and grounds me in my body.'
Jeanne Van Zyl, South Africa

'Linda’s voice is deeply calming & reassuring. She gently guides you to relax, reach a state where you can recognise any negative thinking patterns, begin to release your mind from their compelling nature, & heal self-criticism. It leaves me feeling incredibly peaceful, positive & calm.'
Pamela Holland, Wales

'The opening sentences of Inner Wellbeing set the tone for this gentle, affirming set of meditations. The simplicity and slower pace are extremely helpful to a busy head like mine, that needs space to assimilate and just ‘be’. I particularly appreciate the guidance in exploring how things are at the moment, before being led forward. A lovely CD where less is definitely more.'
Shoena Eggington

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