Inner Sanctum

A profoundly relaxing musical journey that will lead you to the very core of your being.

Inner Sanctum - Meditation Music Duration: 2 Tracks - 67 minutes of music
Artist: Christopher Lloyd Clarke
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A few words about this deeply relaxing music

Track 1: "Tranquil Chambers" is a soothing blend of meandering piano melodies, hypnotic sounds and silky choirs. This gentle ambient music will soften your heart and relax your mind. Over the course of 27 minutes you will slowly sink into an ever deepening state of relaxation as your emotions settle and you begin to drift free from your normal waking consciousness. This is the beginning of your journey within.

Track 2: "The Core" is a very slow moving soundscape that has an expansive, spacious atmosphere.
This longer piece of music is designed to induce a very deep state of relaxation, and is best experienced during formal meditation or while lying down to rest. The Core incorporates a number of musical techniques that encourage your mind to let go of concentrated thinking and open up to a world of inner exploration and deep insight. It can lead to profound feelings of peace and a connection to the core of your being. If there was one word that best sums up the feeling that may come upon you while listening to The Core, it is “vast”.

We highly recommend that you listen to this music at a quiet volume, but never while driving.

A personal message from the composer

I myself experienced some incredible moments of peacefulness during the composition of this music, perhaps more so than any other music I have ever created. On more than one occasion, while sitting at the keyboard in my studio, a feeling of such profound stillness, wholeness and unity came upon me that I could barely move or speak.

I have created a lot of music for meditation, but I can’t remember the last time that a piece of music had such an enormous impact on me. I can only hope that others will experience something similar. It was truly wonderful.

Track 2, "The Core" will be particularly rewarding to those who listen with good quality headphones. There are a lot of subtle details in this music that really heighten the listening experience when they can be heard in high definition.

I present this music to you with love, and with the hope that it brings you as much peace and stillness that it brought to my life. 

Christopher Lloyd Clarke

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