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Delicate, twinkling chimes and angelic voices, Ethera is true musical serenity. It effortlessly permeates and dispels negative energies, bringing light and grace to where it is most needed. Deeply soothing and relaxing. Also available with binaural beats.
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Etherea - Meditation Music by Christopher Lloyd Clarke

Duration: 4 Tracks - 132 minutes
Artist: Christopher Lloyd Clarke
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Please note: This music is for personal use only. For a royalty free meditation music license please visit Enlightened Audio.

A few words about this meditation music


Etherea features soothing vocal performances that use a technique known as “flute singing”, which adds a slightly wispy, airy quality to the voice. With its feather-light choirs, twinkling chimes and the occasional sound of a passing breeze, this serene music will help to open your heart and allow love to flow. It effortlessly permeates and dispels negative energies, bringing light and grace to where it is most needed. With the occasional appearance of a bowed Tibetan bell, a powerful sound healing instrument, this music has the potential to be a genuinely transformative influence in the lives of those who experience it.

Preview - Etherea

Etherea - Magic Dream Edition

This is true drone music, which is to say that it is a consistent soundscape without any melody. On one hand it is twinkly and light, while warm and dreamy on the other. A wonderfully meditative, dreamy atmosphere. The Magic Dream edition is focussed on inducing a drowsy state of consciousness – a magical dream state if you will – a place where you can linger between waking and sleep. Superbly relaxing!

If you enjoy drone music, try listening to this at a very quiet volume in a dimly lit room with your eyes closed. 

Preview - Etherea - Magic Dream Edition

Ethereal Awakening

The twinkling chimes of Etherea are still present in the awakening tracks, but the addition of percussion and other instruments helps with grounding and re-energizing the mind. 

Preview - Etherea - Ethereal Awakening

Preview - Etherea - Ethereal Awakening Subtle Edition

Etherea is also available with binaural beats. Click here for more information.

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