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All Loving Angel

This music is divinely inspired, a musical blessing from above. With its gentle, soothing tones and its angelic air, it is perfect for a spiritual meditation experience. It is so deeply relaxing, feeling peaceful becomes effortless. When you let go and allow the music to carry you away, you can easily imagine being in an angelic presence...  
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Preview - All Loving Angel

Preview - All Loving Angel - The Awakening

All Loving Angel - Meditation Music by Christopher Lloyd Clarke

Duration: 2 Tracks - 68 minutes of music
Artist: Christopher Lloyd Clarke
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Please note: This music is for personal use only. For a royalty free meditation music license please visit Enlightened Audio.

A few words about this angelic music

Divinely inspired and deeply relaxing, All Loving Angel is a musical experience that feels as though it is coming from a higher realm, reaching down into your life like a “musical blessing”.

The music evolves beautifully over time, drawing you in and taking you on a journey that inspires feelings of wholeness, healing and heart awakening.

If you are looking to create a spiritual atmosphere during your meditation, relaxation or sleep, All Loving Angel is the perfect album. With its angelic vibe and emotional depth, it adds the most wonderful ambiance to any space. 

Comments on the accompanying track, "All Loving Angel - The Awakening".

This music is very relaxing with a brighter tonality than the main music of All Loving Angel. It is more stimulating and generates an overall happy feeling. It is sweet and very honest music. Utterly enchanting!

A few words from Christopher Lloyd Clarke...

Earlier this year I received an email from an excited customer who asked, “Is your music channeled?”

My answer to that question? The honest truth is that I don’t know.

What I can tell you is that after practicing meditation for almost 20 years, I have learned to access very deep states of stillness and enter into a space that is often called “The place of no mind”. This is a very high state of consciousness in which I feel a sense of complete emptiness and complete fullness all at once.

I spend time in this “place of no mind” so often that I feel like I always have one foot in that realm these days. So when I sit down in my studio to compose music I feel a strong connection to that empty, still space, and from that stillness musical ideas flow quite naturally. I feel as though I am receiving the music and giving it form, rather than searching for ideas. That is what it was like much of the time while I was composing All Loving Angel.

Music that I create in this way seems to have quite a powerful effect on many of my listeners, as this testimonial describes:

“I felt myself going to a state of consciousness that was both No Mind and Higher Mind.

No Mind because I didn't need to direct it or do anything. I was just there.

No Mind because it was a place of non-judgment. Everything just was what it was. I saw everything from a place of neutrality and no charge.

Higher Mind because I felt I had a deeper more profound relationship with my higher self.”

~ Phoenix Rising Star, The Spirit of Ma’at. 

So then, back to the music at hand - All Loving Angel. Was this music channeled? I’ll leave that up to you to decide. What does your heart tell you?  

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