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Guided Meditation for Arthritis Relief

The Guided Meditation Site is proud to support the work of Barbara Allan M.A, B.S. Through her own exhaustive studies, Barbara has not only cured her own arthritis, she has also developed a fantastic range of guided meditations to help you do the same.

Successful Rheumatoid Arthritis Treatment Through Meditation

Since her book, Conquering Arthritis, was first published, Barbara Allan has had the privilege of talking one on one with many people about what it has taken to heal their arthritis.

Some people are able to get healing of their arthritis only using physical methods but that is not who normally gets well. Who normally gets well are people that are willing to use spiritual, emotional, mental and physical modalities to heal.

Barbara was able to get symptomatic control just by using physical methods, but the deep underlying healing – meaning that she no longer need any more drugs, and no longer needed to maintain a restricted diet anymore – came from deep emotional release that came through a meditation practice.

How It Works

People ask, "How does this work?" As Barbara says,

"The first thing is that I didn’t know that I had this anger and fear in my body. When anger and fear released through meditation, what I noticed was just a slight shift in my being. If I had not been meditating I might not have known that anything happened at all."

Some people think that the emotional release means you have to shout, "I’m so angry! I’m so afraid!" Sometimes you can have a cathartic release when you emote like that and you can experience healing, but emoting itself is not the part that brings about the healing.

The healing part is that there is some little glitch, usually it is not very big, that shifts somewhere in your being.

You can be sitting quietly in meditation and something can shift that only you know about or maybe you even miss it, but something inside you heals.

Barbara's Guided Meditations

Because meditation is hard to learn from a book but is easy to learn from guided meditations, Barbara has created a six CD guided meditation set.

Introductory CD
Her first CD is an introductory CD that about an hour long. Even if you have never meditated before, even if it seems like a weird, bizarre kind of practice, this CD will take you through what to do, and how to do it. The process is not weird. You don’t need weird trappings. This CD will introduce you to simple, matter of fact practices that train your mind in a way that can heal your emotions, mind, body and spirit.

Tonglen Meditation
The second CD teaches tonglen meditation, a Tibetan practice, which was the first type of meditation that gave her relief from pain. Barbara used to be in so much pain that she just wanted to scream at night. She couldn’t go to sleep because of the pain and was exhausted. This was the first type of meditation that helped relieve that type of pain. It’s powerful.

Vipassana Meditation
The third CD is for physical pain. This is vipassana meditation mostly and it’s an amazing way to get deep healing.Even when you are in pain you can start retraining in your pain response so that what had been hurting you starts to heal you. It’s an amazing process.

The fourth CD is for fear
Fear is one emotion that Barbara needed to heal and that most people need to heal to experience deep healing from arthritis.

The fifth CD is for anger
Anger is the other emotion that Barbara needed to heal and that most people need to heal to experience deep healing from arthritis.

The sixth CD is for resentment and bitterness
These emotions are a big issue for many people who have been in pain for a long time and have had their lives in some sense ruined by a chronic, fatiguing disease like rheumatoid arthritis.

Entire 6 CD Meditation Set
These taken together are a powerful arsenal. Barbara spent years and years going to meditation retreats, learning how to use these techniques.

Not everyone who teaches how to meditate understands how to use deep levels of pain to heal and to make yourself a better person and to come out the other end with the physical healing. But Barbara is one of those people that have done that. And she has studied with people that understand at a deep level what that takes.

Click here to visit Barbara Allen's website and learn more about using guided meditation for arthritis relief.

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