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Simple Advice for Meditation Beginners

Welcome meditation beginners! If you are looking for some trustworthy and straightforward meditation tips, then I am glad you have found this page.

The great thing about the internet is that you can find so much information about meditation in an instant — but this can be a blessing and a curse! It’s easy to become overwhelmed by too much information and to find yourself feeling confused about how to meditate.

To make matters worse, there are also many unscrupulous companies on the internet that try to sell dubious products and services to people who are just getting started with meditation.

So if you are trying to work your way through the minefield of information on the internet, this is a great place to start. My advice for meditation beginners? Here goes....

Read Some Good Meditation Instructions

If you are new to meditation, please follow this link where you will find a range of helpful articles on how to meditate for beginners. Included are some easy meditation techniques to get you started, as well as some more in depth information in this series of meditation instructions. If you still have questions after that, then take a look at these meditation tips.

Consider a Meditation Teacher

People who are just learning to meditate usually benefit greatly from the guidance of a meditation teacher. But if you can’t make it to a class, then you can still benefit from the guidance of an online course.

Try a Guided Meditation

There is no doubt that reading or listening to a good quality guided meditation can really help to accelerate the process of learning how to meditate. Guided meditations are the next best thing to being taught directly by a meditation instructor, and because your meditation is on paper or on a CD or MP3 player, you can enjoy it anytime you like.

Listen to Meditation Music

When I say "meditation music", I don't just mean any old relaxing music that you have lying about. I'm talking about music that is specifically designed to encourage your mind to let go of unwanted thoughts and enter into a state of deep meditation. True meditation music is crafted using the science of psychoacoustics (the psychology of sound) and takes two main forms. One is brainwave entrainment music, and the other is Sonic mantra meditation music.

Have Realistic Expectations

Sometimes meditation beginners are frustrated by the fact that they don’t experience total mental silence straight away, or even after a few weeks of practice. If this sounds like you, then you may be missing the point of meditation. Sure, total mental silence is the ultimate goal of meditation, but for meditation beginners your goal should be to just reduce the amount of mental activity you experience, while you gradually improve your ability to deal with mental distractions.

Don’t judge yourself harshly if your mind wanders during meditation. This is normal. Even the most experienced meditators still get lost in a few mental wanderings during their meditation . . . sometimes more than a few!

As a beginner to meditation, if you can reduce the amount of noise in your mind by just 50% you will feel like a whole new person, and you will begin to experience all the benefits of meditation. I like to think of it this way....

If you climb just half way up Mount Everest, the view is still spectacular!

Heal and improve yourself and any situation in your life with the healing power of meditation.
It's easy and anyone can do it.

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