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Free Heart Chakra Meditation Music

What's the BEST way to do a heart chakra meditation?

Well, you could practice some esoteric meditation technique, or you could simply allow the power of music to open your heart chakra effortlessly.

Consider this for a moment. Music is a language of emotion and it can have a very powerful effect on the way you feel.

When your heart chakra is open, you will feel deeply. Love, compassion, centeredness and warmth towards others are all encouraged by an open heart chakra. When these feeling are intensified through meditation on your heart center, you may experience any number of sensations, from ecstatic bliss to tears of joy. You might even shed a tear of sorrow as old hurts are released and are replaced with feelings of love and self-acceptance.

What better way to give rise to these wonderful emotions and to open your heart than by listening to this beautiful heart chakra meditation music!

Introducing "Divine Love"

By Christopher Lloyd Clarke

This music is yours to download and keep, and it's completely free.

You can either listen online by playing the video below, or you can download the entire 8 minute track to your computer (instructions below).

This free chakra music is one of the tracks from Seven Sacred Centers

Seven Sacred Centers - Chakra Music

Have a listen to this beautiful heart chakra music...

Divine Love

by Christopher Lloyd Clarke

How to download the music

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Tips for using this music for meditation

Let's keep this nice and simple. A great heart chakra meditation does not have to be a complicated affair!

Close your eyes and bring your awareness to your heart. Feel whatever it is that you feel. There are no right or wrong emotions at this time.

Now listen to the music. When I say "listen", I mean "feel as you hear". Absorb yourself in the music and allow your feelings to flow in whatever way is natural for you at this time.

Just let the music take over for the next ten minutes.

Optional, but not essential:
As you listen, you might like to visualize a flower opening in your chest, or perhaps you might like to imagine that the music is emanating from within your heart.

These visualizations may help to make the experience even more vivid for you, however they are not critical to this heart chakra meditation. All that you really need to do is give your attention to the music and allow yourself to feel.

When the music finishes, you might like to sit in silence for a few minutes before you go about your day. Give yourself some time to come to down to earth before you get up.

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Share Your Thoughts

Feel free to share your thoughts about the music and relate any experiences you have while listening to it in the comments section below. We'd love to hear from you!

This free chakra music is one of the tracks from Seven Sacred Centers... 

This collection of seven soothing tracks will awaken, purify and enliven the energy centers of your body. This beautiful music was composed for chakra meditations, but of course you can listen to it any time you feel the desire to relax, open your heart and clear your mind.
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Seven Sacred Centers - Chakra Music by Christopher Lloyd Clarke

Duration: 7 Tracks - 60 minutes
Artist: Christopher Lloyd Clarke
Delivery: Immediate MP3 Download - Worldwide
Price: $ 9.95
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Please note: This music is for personal use only. For a royalty free meditation music license please visit Enlightened Audio.

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