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Guided Christian Meditation

As the saying goes, "meditation is not just for monks!"

Guided Christian meditation is a wonderful way for you to clear your mind and open your heart, whilst entering into a state of deep, wholesome relaxation.

If you yearn for a deeper and more intimate relationship with God and would like to open yourself to a more direct experience of communion with Him, then a guided meditation on Jesus will be of tremendous benefit to you.

Guided meditation helps to eliminate negative thinking, nervous tension, stress and depression, returning you to a more peaceful, open-hearted state of being.

Here is a link to some really great Christian guided meditations:

Mindful Worship

Mindful Worship

The Mindful Worship website has a great selection of guided meditations for Christians, including some wonderful free guided meditations. was started by Ricky Spears, a man who throughout his walk with Christ over the years, found that the times he felt he most deeply connected with God were in those times of quiet mindful meditation on God's word, or in quiet mindful prayer and contemplation.

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