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Your Inner Landscape

by Brad Austen

We have created a society that predominately values the outer landscape and has forgotten the inner landscape. This is slowly changing and one-day society will value the inner landscape again. We certainly still need the outer landscape, but it needs to be balanced and integrated with the inner landscape. By turning inward, we begin to understand who we are as a person.

We find our likes and dislikes and preferences as a person. We start to notice that we resonate with some people and not others. We may change friends and partners with those who we no longer resonate. We may lose interest in our current job, if it no longer bringing us joy and fulfillment. All these are signs of us opening to our inner landscape and the real you!

The outer landscape relates to our male dominant society. It is the masculine energy of “doing” and taking action in life. On the other hand, the feminine energy is simply a state of “being” and inward reflection. It is the ying and yang, and as the symbol represents, one cannot exist without the other. The masculine energy seeks to create and take action and at times dominate others for self gain. The feminine energy is more about nurturing and giving to others. Ideally society should seek to balance the two, knowing they both have value and a role to play.

We certainly need money to function and survive in this material world, but it shouldn’t be the sole purpose to exist. To accumulate wealth makes life easier and certainly gives us more choice and freedom. But it is only a means to an end. How can we enjoy our money if we are working all the time?

When our soul passes over, all the money and possessions we have accumulated over our lifetime means nothing. We simply cannot take these with us! What we do take with us are the lessons we have learnt along and how we have affected people both positively and negatively. This is why it is important to develop one’s inner landscape if one seeks to evolve.

The inner landscape is best experienced through meditation and quiet reflection. Meditation opens you up to your intuition and the spiritual world around us. It is a gradual process and trust is a big aspect of this. As you start to trust your intuition you become aware of the subtle nudges from spirit. Dreams are also a messenger from spirit and our inner landscape. Taking note of one’s dreams and recording them can help to decipher the meaning, and give greater clarity in life.

Brad Austen is an insightful and creative meditation teacher and a valued member of The Guided Meditation Site. Please follow this link to explore Brad Austen's guided meditations.

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