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Your Attitude Creates Your Reality

by Jeannie Pitt

Smile and Feel the Joy!

Smile and Feel the Joy!

Your attitude creates your reality, so it goes without saying that a positive attitude can shift even the worst of situations. If you regularly feel anger, sadness or other ill feelings, you will be setting yourself up to experience more of these negative feelings in your life. On the flip side, focusing on only that which lifts you up can create a more positive well-being for you and the people around you. There are several ways to begin moving your experience toward a more positive outlook.

Practicing Awareness
One of the best ways to begin developing a positive attitude is to practice awareness. The blanket term ‘awareness’ in this case refers to awareness of yourself, your emotions, your feelings and your reactions to your everyday life. The best way to begin developing this practice is to look at your current feelings. Figure out what you are feeling and see if you can determine the root cause. Try to catch yourself whenever you react to a situation, whether it’s a positive or negative reaction, and examine those feelings. Once you get into the habit of doing this, it will become a subconscious practice, and you can then begin to move on from there.

Getting Comfortable in the Now
Once you have begun to build your awareness, you can then practice living in the moment of now. The past is gone and the future hasn’t happened yet. All each of has is now. Why not focus your attention on this moment? There are many ways to build this practice, but one of the best ones is to begin practicing while you are doing a mundane chore that you don’t particularly like. Next time you have to wash dishes, decide that you’re going to be present for the experience. Attempt to keep yourself from thinking about what you’ll be cooking for dinner, or when the kids will be home from school. When you wash the dishes, be present with the dishes. Notice the temperature of the water on your skin and how your hands automatically move over each plate, cup, spoon and fork. Notice the shine. Use your senses. Be right there with each dish.

Shifting All Your Moments to Now
Once you’ve experienced awareness and the now moment, it’s time to take it a step further. Begin to practice being present with awareness in every moment. If you feel a strong emotion, attempt to discover whether this emotion lives in the past or the future. If you find that you are experiencing something other than what’s happening right now, bring your focus back to now. Concentrate on the task at hand and take several deep breaths. Always try to be grateful for what’s happening in the now moment.

Positive Affirmations
Positive emotions are brought about by something as simple as a choice. You always have a choice on how react. We develop deep bonds with our emotions, but if those emotions are not serving us in the moment, we have the ability to break these bonds. When you feel a negative emotion attacking your newly developed positive outlook, practice the steps of awareness and shifting into the now. If your negative emotion stems from the now moment, learn to shift toward gratitude. Find something in this moment that you can be thankful for and say it aloud! I am grateful for the warm sunshine! I am grateful for my amazing children! Be creative and stay focused. This is your life. Make it a happy one!

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