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You NEED Meditation.

A short background about myself: From a young age i was bullied and this resulted in me having little or no self confidence and/or esteem.As a result I suffered with intense social anxiety and let out my anger and frustration at home. I started using alcohol as a crutch in social situations and smoking pot to quiet my mind at night before bed . At around 18 i had my first awakening and decided that i was going to fix myself and strive to reach my full potential.

I tried psychologists, online self help (EFT(emotional freedom technique))and hypnosis. They did help me to get to the root of the problems (bullying).

Around this time i started dating woman and i received feedback from them that i am overly nervous around them (while drinking before a date) ,even after the 10th date. After more searching i stumbled upon meditation.

Its been 10 months to this day, i can honestly say iv made a 360 degree change.

Everyday i feel happier than the previous day, I smile more, look people in the eyes. I am much more self aware and am able to detect patterns or habits that negative to my well being. The feedback i get now is amazing. Iv been told im so comfortable being myself and its extremely attractive. My family and the girl im dating told me they can see im much more self aware and happy.


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by: Anonymous

360 degrees means you ended up in the same direction you started..

180 degree would suggest you made improvements, 360 means it didn't help you at all.

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