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Women, Do Not Let Go of Your Dreams

by Stefanie Brown
(Mechanicsburg, PA, USA)

Hopes = Dreams. Let me repeat myself, HOPES = DREAMS. Now some people may tell you that dreams are just “illusions” or “pictures you experience in your head while sleeping.” Dreams are real. They are a part of you. They are a part of your destiny. The old adage that you have bad/strange dreams because you ate something that didn’t agree with you before you went to bed is a lie. Come on women!!!! Our bodies are designed far too intricately and with such expertise to listen to unwise sayings and the “they say” sayings. Your brain…your Spirit…are not controlled by the foods you eat before bedtime. Let the “experts” conjure up whatever makes them feel better to explain something away, but I tell you this…since ancient times, dreams were given to lead you, guide you and are a part of who you are. Now, I’m not saying that all dreams are explainable. I will say that ALL dreams play a part, to whatever extent, in your destiny.

Dreams are “devices” given to us to speak to us about our hurts, fears, joys, loves, plans, paths to take and not to take, they are GUIDEPOSTS. The definition of a guidepost is: a sign on a post by a road indicating directions. Since you were a little girl, dreams have given you signs, indications, and most of all have been the Universe/God’s way of leading you along the path of destiny and interweaving in you hopes to manifest at the right moment.

Have you had or still have naysayers in your life that have attempted to kill your dreams? Let me let you in on a little secret…the only one who can kill a dream is the One who gave it to you. The Power from above is not controlled by humans. If a dream was given to you for a purpose (whether known or unknown) and it died, then only one person has the power to do that, no one else. Also, keep this in mind. Only YOU own your dreams. Your hopes/dreams were never given to one other person on this planet…they are entirely owned by you. Think back (maybe you don’t have to think too far back), where you spoke out loud about a hope/dream and immediately darts, arrows, cannon balls and fire just were sent from every direction to put out that light that sparked in your heart. What did you do? Did you let the ammunition penetrate and darken the light? Or did you put up a shield and say no, this/these dreams/hopes are mine! If you did use the shield, then you are to be commended. However, if you are like the millions of women who let even one dart penetrate the light and darken the hope, then the dream has been “asleep”. Not dead, “asleep”.

When I speak of these dreams/hopes, I’m speaking of those that are healthy to you, not dreams/hopes that have manifested from a broken/bitter/revengeful heart. Those dreams/hopes are not healthy to you and that topic is for an entirely different article!! Let’s focus on that one hope/dream that has seemed to follow you your entire life and when you experience something related to it, such as a word, a song, a location, etc., anything that would cause your heart to “leap or twinge”, then know that that dream/hope is not dead. It has been “asleep”.

2012 is the year of Emergence (see my website for “2011 – The Year of Transition/2012 – The Year of Emergence - TAKE YOUR DESTINY). 2012 is the year for the emergence of dreams that were once thought lost. It is the year of women “emerging” from their sleep and/or “emerging” from the womb of life to enter the Day of Light. Womb of Life to the Day of Light. What does that mean?

In the mother’s womb, all is given to nourish the baby in order to grow, to develop right up to the point where the baby can survive and continue to grow once it “emerges” into the world. A full-term baby is one that has remained in the womb for the proper time in order to be equipped to function once the baby “emerges”. Such is a dream/hope that was given to you at some point in your life that has never left you. This dream/hope that resides within you now, at this moment, that ember that never burned out, this is your life purpose. (For clarification, this dream/hope is not another person in your life.) It was a seed that was sown at a point in your life where the ground was fertile, and through the years it has been watered with rain (maybe hot rain!), but it was encased inside and nourished even when you were not aware of it. It has matured and in 2012, this dream/hope is going to emerge.

If you are a woman who is serious about pursuing the “vision”, the “dream”, the “hope”, that you were given, then move on what it is that you were given. PURSUE THE VISION. How?

Steps to Pursue the Vision/Dream/Hope:

1. Get a journal and write down the dream/hope that is in your heart that was never quenched. Did you always want to be an author? A teacher? Did you want to be something completely OPPOSITE of where you are now? Have you wanted to travel the world? Write down in a journal your dream/hope no matter how impossible it seems to obtain right now.

2. USE VISUAL SOUND. Our two senses, sight and sound, are two of the most powerful senses we have. Even if your natural eyesight is not good or is not there at all, you always have your “third eye”, your spiritual eye. Your spoken voice is powerful. I say this with the utmost certainty: those who have hard hearts and use their voice for negativity and to harm anyone will ALWAYS have it rebound into their own lives. So I’m speaking to women here whose hearts are ready to enter into their destiny with “clean hands and a pure heart and a right Spirit”…speak out loud the visuals you were given. Speak out loud the dream/hope you were given. Then watch the movement happen.

3. Do not give up. Would a mother stop pushing after seeing the head of her baby? ABSOLUTELY NOT!!! EVERY DAY, speak out loud your dream. EVERY DAY. When you see a manifestation happen that is part of your dream, BUILD ON IT. Don’t stop, keep speaking and watch the next one appear.

I speak to you, the women of destiny today, that all naysayers in your lives are REMOVED.

I speak Light into your homes, beauty into your atmosphere and that a determined force to compel you to keep moving enter your life. To whom do I speak:


You were forged in the fire of darkness, you were brought to the threshold of pain, and yet you still kept on. You spoke in anger yet you refused to become bitter. You held love in your heart and it was ripped to pieces, yet you kept on. You removed yourself from all trauma and drama and were cast off to the side because you refused to “join the crowd” in misery. You were secluded and left alone and yet you prospered. You knew how to fight and every muscle ached, yet you kept on. The boundaries you once held so dear were broken and disrespect for your time seemed to abound, yet you kept on. You righted the wrong and you were despised due to your truth you held, you kept on. You stood in the face of anger and betrayal and you did not let it leave a scar, you kept on. You trusted with all your heart and the lies kept coming, you kept on. You removed yourself from bitter company and were rejected by the “social elite”, you kept on.

I say to you THIS DAY…NOTHING is going to keep you from your destiny. NOTHING. Your time in the womb of life is done. Your time to emerge is here. No one who cast a stone your way will remain standing. Your Light will shine in the Universe. YOU were the diamond being forged in the fire. YOU were kept safe and unharmed despite the pain. YOU will stand when others cannot. YOU ARE READY. YOUR destiny is here!

Stefanie Brown

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