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why we should face our problems

by Samarth Sharma
(India )

Remember when you were a kid and you used to go out and play with your friends, watch cartoons and superhero movies and then try and emulate your favorite hero by using your bath towel to make a cape for yourself.

We all have dreams from the very time we are born and as we grow in life. Some dreams change with time and some are very deeply etched into our subconscious, which drive us to our destiny, the person we were meant to be, the purpose of our birth.

The universe we are a part of is constantly making way for us to find our ideal selves. It constantly throws opportunity at our doorsteps in different forms for us to grab and become our superhero selves that we imagined. It may not be literally but yea in a metaphorical sense. But growth and development never comes without change and process, which comes in the form of our so-called problems, from which we often run away from or try to ignore.

We curse our fate for having been the chosen one to deal with these problems. We even curse god sometimes for putting us through this ordeal. Whereas the truth is that it is us who asked for this process of transformation.

Going back to our childhood we all dreamt of being successful, special, strong, smart men and women who wanted to express our thoughts to the world and show it the beauty of our internal world. While we dreamt this and wished and prayed for it, the universe was listening and as a result it put us in situations and with people who would aid us in becoming our special selves. But instead of harnessing these opportunities we put our running shoes of excuses and started running in the opposite direction without realizing that it is our dearest friend i.e. the universe who sent this boat of problems for us to hop on and reach the shore of success.

We are constantly on our path to become the person we dreamt of being. Surely there are modifications and upgrades in our dreams as we move ahead in life but in totality we are still trying to be that superhero putting on a slightly different costume. So the next time you face a problem, try and look at it from a perspective that there is something we are not getting right, something that we need to do differently in order to be where we want to be. Also, it could be an indication that we need to challenge ourselves so that we can go beyond our perceived potential and evolve into a more refined being.

The universe is constantly listening, are you??

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