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What Is The Meaning of Life?
A Spirit Inspired View

by Brad Austen

Many great men and women over the centuries have questioned the meaning of life. This article will explore this theme and also encourage you to think about the meaning of your own life. I believe the meaning of life is slightly different for everyone, because we all have different goals and aspirations we wish to achieve. But in a nutshell, we are here for our growth and evolution of our soul.

Human life is quite short and there are many temptations and distractions to veer us off our path. For example we require money to buy food, clothing and have a roof over our heads in most cases. We usually have to work for money in order to provide and enjoy our lives. We are fairly lucky in the first world that we don’t usually have to fight for our survival; usually our basic needs are met. But we usually have to work a number of hours each week so that our needs are met. Money is simply energy and we have free will what we spend it on. Our ego is never satisfied and always wants bigger and better things. Part of our challenge is to learn to silence and balance our ego with the nudging of spirit. Materialism can be a big distraction to keep us off our path towards spiritual growth.

I have come to the realisation that the meaning of life is to obtain spiritual growth through certain lessons we choose before we are born on a soul level. While we are living we are gifted with free will so we won't always follow the plan or master our lessons. That being said, the earth school is a great place for accelerated learning and while awareness is key, we can still learn lessons unconsciously, however at a much slower pace. Reincarnation also plays a role in allowing us to reset, choose again and pick up where we left off. While at the moment we have mortal bodies our soul is immortal and lives forever.

Because we have a bit of a collective amnesia about the true origins of our soul and past lives, it allows us to be present and focus on our earth journey. Having some insight about our past lives can give us greater insight about the nature of our soul and certain patterns we need to work on and master. This spiritual growth is also known as ascension, which is a never-ending journey of experiencing and expansion. When you master one area of your life, another layer is brought into your conscious awareness to work on next. Another way to look at our collective evolution is moving away from fear and towards love. Many of the masters spoke about this during their time on earth, releasing fear and embracing love. If you are learning to love yourself and others unconditionally you are well on you way to mastering your lessons and discovering the meaning of life.

Brad Austen is an insightful and creative meditation teacher and a valued member of The Guided Meditation Site. Please follow this link to explore Brad Austen's guided meditations.

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