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What does the future hold for us?

by Sandi Dolinar

Do the era of Atlantis, the Golden Age of Egypt and the present have anything in common? It seems they do…

The golden periods of Atlantis and Egypt were characterized mainly by a high level of spiritual evolution of most inhabitants whose spiritual abilities evolved with incredible speed up to nearly miraculous abilities. The secret of both civilizations, or rather the secret of their spiritual awakening lies in the active etheric field.

Etheric energy is our beginning, the source energy of humanity. When the highest spiritual energies materialized physical bodies in accordance with God’s will, etheric energy moved aside to the periphery of the physical body and now covers the energy 10 to 15 cm around the physical body. Because we turned towards the material world and forgotten about our origins, we have lost contact with the etheric field. We have also lost contact with ourselves, as well as the balance between the material and spiritual life.

The physical and spiritual worlds aren’t connected. If they were, all our heavy thoughts, fears, burdens… would pass through to the spiritual world, disrupting the balance also in the spiritual world. The connection with the spiritual world can now be established in two ways. Spiritual energies may come to our help unconsciously when needed, or we may make the connection ourselves when we turn to our spiritual guidance. Children under the age of seven have a constant connection, and after that it is cut off. It remains established only with individuals who have an important spiritual mission.

People with already developed spiritual abilities use them by making contact with their spiritual guidance which enables their spiritual work. The physical body is only the energetic support for spiritual activity. Therefore there is no reason for us to engage our ego, because we are simply a part of a process. The ego was precisely the factor which, despite the high spiritual evolution of the two above-mentioned civilizations, contributed to their demise.

On 21/12/2012 the era of the New Age began. There were numerous predictions foretelling the end of the world and similar events. But in reality it was the beginning of a new era when some principles of spiritual activity changed. For six months before that date, the New Age energy worked unconsciously on the energy of those who needed help the most. And on the date itself, the energetic activity spread onto the entire humanity. But within a week it became clear that most people weren’t ready for profound changes yet, because they were changing too slowly, only superficially, or not at all. For that reason a quarter of people lost their connection with the higher vibration after one week, and later so did most of the others, because they were burdening the spiritual world excessively.

About six months ago, energy called the White Ring formed around the Earth, and it represents the etheric energy of the Earth. Four of the highest Archangels created this connection,initiating gradual changes in the Earth’s vibration. Simultaneously, the process of purifying source energy, male as well as female, began. Recently, the New Age energy has merged with the vibration of male and female source energy, bringing about conditions under which the process of the etheric field evolution is possible in people as well. But spiritual energies that can activate, purify, raise the vibration of the etheric field in people are scarce. These are the energies with God’s inauguration to enter the etheric field, because that field represents pure God’s energy. Some of them are also energies which were present in the spiritual activity of the above-mentioned civilizations.

Around this time the New Age energies are starting the process of clearing the etheric field of the individuals who have kept the connection with the New Age energy. The process is taking place unconsciously in people. Its first signs will be an increase in physical strength, improved overall well-being and expanded spiritual support and protection. The process unfolds gradually, it takes place in at least four steps and lasts a full month. After that, those individuals will unconsciously, gradually begin to raise the vibration of people they will be in contact with. The energy of rooms and spaces they will be in will become higher as well. Eventually,spiritual consciousness and spiritual abilities will begin to rise.

After that, spiritual work will become different. The etheric field will represent infinite energetic support. Energies from the spiritual world helping an individual will be present in the etheric field for quite some time. Chakras, transmitting spiritual energy into the physical body, will be set differently than they are now. They will function as a thermostat and will regulate energy between the physical and etheric bodies. Of course, we must leave the setting of chakras to spiritual energies. The etheric body will resemble an accumulator of energy with infinite power. With time we will be able to act with a substantially higher energy, higher vibration, evolve our spiritual abilities very quickly, start to cooperate with one another….

Because God loves us and wants our life to have meaning, the spiritual world has devoted all its help to us. And it is up to us to accept that help, change within our core, and make the new age a golden age.


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