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by Sandi Dolinar

We’re all one; we’re all love; everything we need we already have inside … we can hear this kind of thoughts on various spiritual gatherings… But are we really all one, and if not do we really want to become that? Are we mature enough to be one with a criminal and can we be one with an enlightened person?

Are we too diverse to be able to complement each other or is it exactly that diversity that enables us to learn from each other and thus complement each other? Our path is really interesting: in the beginning we come from oneness into the world, where we’re not aware of the oneness in order to arrive back where we have already been… And this lasts for many years or millenniums until we create oneness in the physical sense also and become what we have already once been or we’ve been all along but weren’t aware of it.

In the beginning, God divided Himself into infinite different particles in the so called Big Bang, and sent them away at different distances. Oneness with everything that exists originates from that moment. This is an awareness that we’re all created from the same source, God, and that we’re all interconnected in order to harmonize and complement each other. However, evolution of humanity has caused most of us to suppress this God particle, which connects all of us, somewhere into our background, and we’re not aware of it anymore. This subconscious particle is a soul that’s present in our body, which connects us into a whole. However, soul in our bodies affects us on a subconscious level as well, because there’s a long road to be walked to achieve a conscious connection with our soul.

Souls meant for incarnation on Earth live in different groups. They harmonize and complement each other and fulfill God’s will and purpose in their world. They’re aware of the oneness and try to realize it by mutual cooperation and harmonization. When God determines that one soul will incarnate in a new life on Earth, the rest of the souls from this soul’s group form a soul’s spiritual guidance and in that way they continue their friendship and cooperation. While this soul is incarnated in a body somewhere on Earth, other souls stay in the spiritual world and try to help the incarnated soul as much as possible. By that, they play a part in humanity’s evolution and raising awareness of oneness.

Thus, we should always address our spiritual guidance when we need spiritual help and it will help us progress and evolve. Our spiritual guidance contains souls and energies that our soul knows, cooperates and creates bright future with. As we are spiritually evolving, our spiritual guidance expands and creates new connections. God determines that in God’s records and we can receive stronger and more intensive spiritual help every day. Spiritual help always comes from the spiritual world. Expanded spiritual guidance synchronizes and upgrades our existent spiritual guidance, which our soul is familiar with and assists us in our evolution. Some people think that everything is inside us and that we don’t get anything from outside, but that’s only the beginning. If we continue thinking that, our evolution stops. Of course, it’s our choice, but considering that our soul has its plan and mission in every life, it’s necessary to evolve in accordance with our plan. Otherwise life puts us through trials that bring us back to our path of evolution. Stagnating leads into trials we don’t want to experience.

The way of transforming an idea of us being all one into something that will connect us practically too, is trying to make a conscious connection with our own soul, which will later connect us in a wider sense. Our soul is a very subtle energy we usually can’t perceive consciously. There’s only one way of establishing a conscious connection. But it’s not easy and simple. Firstly, we have to be aware that all of our heavy thoughts and lower emotions burden our body and soul. Our love will slowly free our body and soul of all the tensions and burdens and this is a first step in this direction. Secondly, we have to realize that the energy of our physical body has substantially lower vibration and energy than our soul’s energy. Therefore, the only correct way is to raise the energy of our physical body in order to disburden ourselves from all the emotional-mental blockades that hinder inflow and flow of energy in us. That’s how we can gradually raise our physical body’s energy to an appropriate vibration and energy level, our soul’s energy and our body’s energy can pour into one. Thus, love and knowledge of our soul can become consciously used. This is the only way that enables conscious connection with our soul. All other technics can’t offer such a result because there’s too great difference between the energy of our soul and the energy of our body to make a conscious connection.

Universe is infinite and it functions in perfect order, balance and harmony. All the activities and events in the whole universe are being recorded and synchronized all the time, so as to keep in order, perfection and oneness. These records determine all the spiritual hierarchies and interconnections also. Because spiritual energies don’t have a free will, they carry out God’s will through these records.

God forgives us ten mistakes but then we start to pay them off, if not in this life, then in the other. What does this mean? In everyday life, we do good and bad things, but they mostly compensate/balance out until we die. God overlooks those ten mistakes so the compensation is carried out easier. If one doesn’t make this compensation, the compensation is made with a karmic debt that’s recorded in God’s karmic consciousness and is paid in following lives through difficult trials. If God didn’t forgive us ten mistakes throughout millenniums it could happen that karmic debt would suffocate our evolution and progress. In His perfection, God determined the whole course of evolution of souls and some travel very different paths. Most of the souls evolve in common, above described ways, but some go through the experience and trial of lost souls, captured souls and various conditions that block and aggravate the optimal evolution of souls. We’ll talk about that in one of the following articles.

Most often, we don’t even realize in how perfect world we live in. Perfection of universe can bring us to the right path, the path of oneness, if we’re aware of this perfection. God strives for our perfection, and for this reason He sends us love that puts us on the path of perfection when we start to realize how perfect we are in the inner essence of ourselves.


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