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by Robert
(Nashua Nh)

I was meditating about a year ago. I wont do it again. Ive always practiced relaxation and any vision I did see ive dismissed it as imagination. This time was different. I was really meditating for about 20 minutes. I saw eyes looking at me, and the next thing I knew, as plain as day Jesus walked through a door opening towards me.He was holding his right hand up and crossing his fingers. I immediately felt terrible shame and he instantly covered his face with a cloud , and I felt better. to his left was an old man all dressed in white like a pope. He was smiling at me and showing me at least 2 gold leaves or spades pinned to his chest. I was about 8 feet away. no one spoke a word the whole time. I wanted to come closer to determine the gold pins and in an instant I was standing upon who I thought was Jesus . I was looking down and could actually see the quality of this robe with extreme clarity. He then raised his right forearm to show me a row of 10 or 12 gold buttons on it. I saw them, then immediately I was completely just showered with all these golden coins!! although the feeling of it was just so awesome. I actually tried to will them back for fear I was being tempted by something else. Lastly there was this golden rod or tube like object about 10 inches in length. ,and 2 inches in diameter spinning about chest and head level about an arms length away. Spinning way to fast to touch it.After that I felt like I was being led out of that area by someone on my left. I stopped to look back and I saw a hallway with a couple old fashioned church like windows.The whole thing was just unbelievable and I cant stop thinking about it.


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Try Vipassana Meditation to get all your answers :)
by: Anonymous

Meditation is something where one seeks the reality from within. Meditation is about self-awareness. The awareness of your body and mind.It is basically related to the changing nature of your body sensations.
You did not meditate at all.It is just that you saw what you have been thinking all the time.Those were your thoughts that made you fall one step ahead every moment.
Try Vipassana meditation once, you may get all the answers of your life.

Happy Meditation.

Sometimes A Cigar Is Just A Cigar
by: Anonymous

Sometimes visions do not have any real meaning which makes it all the more difficult because you search for something that does not exist. The subconscious is an ethereal place where a lot of our experiences however mundane float around like useless data on a fragmented hard drive. This clutter randomly assembles sometimes
into something that seems plausible even prophetic. Meditation is actually the best way to discard this clutter. We all meditate for different reasons but central to all of that is a personal quest for meaning. Meditation helps us to discern what is important and meaningful. Any true revelations are subtle and do not present in a grand way but one does not have to work very hard for meaning that is the power of truth and beauty. Try to remember that the subconscious belongs to the temporal, your physical brain, a mechanical process and fallible. Consciousness is something quite different and apart your physical self it is pure and unassailable. You must meditate deeply to discover this difference. It seems this fraudulent vision frightened you enough to abandon something that is much more powerful and can only bring peace to you embrace it.

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