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Unconditionally Loving Our Human Needs

by Michael White
(Orange County, USA)

So many of us learned to deny our basic human needs when we were little, thinking we were making things easier on others or sparing ourselves from feelings of shame, guilt or embarrassment. For some this began before we could even talk.

Our diaper needed changing and this was treated as something disgusting. Our cries for love and attention were treated as an annoyance, or our need for food was treated as a burden. And how many of us suffered through the projections of poverty that came from our family as our needs were treated as a drain on the family's resources.

Some parents even reduced our importance and the importance of our needs in their own minds to make themselves feel less guilt for not being able to manifest more money. There are all kinds of ways that our basic needs and feelings may have been resented as we were growing up and this was very taxing on our morale.

A child can only handle so much resentment and poverty projection before the disparity of the adult world starts to sink in. We start to resent our own needs because of how they make others feel and because of the backlash that projects onto us. Better to not have needs at all than to be resented, right?

Then, we grow up to become unfulfilled as adults without even knowing why we have such a difficult time manifesting love and abundance. We are so in the habit of denying our needs for love and nurture that we look around and wonder why we don't attract more of what we really want in life.

I had a stunning realization last month when I made the connection that the experiences of rejection I experienced through my teenage years were a direct reflection of a way that I had rejected humanity when I was eleven years old, due to an abusive experience that happened with a teacher and the emotional neglect that followed.

This was like the straw that broke the camel's back for me at that age. I gave up on humanity and decided I had to do everything on my own because I could not trust the adult world to support my purpose in life. Some part of me rejected everyone, and that rejection came back as a reflection of the resonance I was holding. I encountered rejection everywhere, and only now do I realize that the universe was trying to show me who I was being. Amazing how that works!

It follows, that much of the lack of abundant flow that we experience is a reflection of some aspect of our inner state of being, and some of this comes from childhood. We attract the reflection of our resonance. This is natures law.

So the key to getting more of our needs met in the present is to love our needs and not resent them, or make them less important than they really are. It may have felt better in a certain environment to make our needs less than or to deny them all together, but that does not serve any of us in the present.

People even attract abusing relationships in the present as a reflection of these old forms of denial where we see ourselves as unworthy of love. Sometimes we need a reminder that we agreed to embody resentment and denial of our basic needs for love and nurture until we realize the power of our agreement and start to affirm something different.

Today, start to love your needs more. Love that you need love and that you are worthy to receive it. Realize any denial of your needs that may be hiding under the surface. Realize where you made yourself "less than" because you didn't want to incur the abuse of another's projections.

"I am worthy of love."

"My needs for love and nurture make me human like everyone else."

"I am just as deserving as an innocent, newborn baby, to be loved and held and supported with all that I need to thrive."

"I am just as deserving as everyone else."

The more you can love all of your needs and see yourself as worthy to have them fulfilled, the sooner you will experience new portals to love and abundance opening up within you. Your body and consciousness was designed to plug into the love and abundance of the universe, and the are portals of receptivity inside you that may have been shut down when your needs were not honored in the past.

Now you have to take responsibility for honoring those needs, and when you do this within yourself emotionally, you will attract the reflection of your resonance. There is an infinite abundance of love waiting to flood in if we will just allow it.

"I am worthy to receive."

Be grateful for your human needs. They are not a burden. They are not a hinderance. They are part of your manifestation potential, and you are here to discover your true power. You are here to throw off the programming of the old humanity and become the radiant love of the new humanity, until the blessings of love and abundance that flow to you spill over into all the lives around you.

We are all worthy of unconditional love. Abundance is our birthright.

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