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Trusting Your Intuition

by Brad Austen

Navigating the Spiritual Minefield

When beginning your spiritual journey and awakening, it can be a bit of a spiritual minefield at times. There can be many pitfalls and obstacles that you may come across that can create confusion and veer you off course. This is why developing your intuition and connection with your higher self is very important. Otherwise, you can be a bit like a flag flapping in the wind, being pulled in all directions, without a solid foundation.
So, you might be thinking, with all the information out there, how do I know what is accurate and how do I trust my intuition? For most people, this is a skill that takes time to develop. It doesn't normally happen overnight. The following are some pointers you may like to employ next time you're uncertain about some new age or channeled information.

• With the example of a book or article, ask yourself, 'Does this information resonate or sit well with me?' If it does, then continue reading. If it doesn't, it's best to stop reading and maybe revisit it at another time.

• You may like to ask yourself, 'How does this information make me feel?', 'Do I feel uplifted or inspired?' or do you begin to feel fearful or uncertain about the future? Not all channeled sources of information are coming from the light, even though they may claim to be. The dark sometimes masquerades as coming from the light, or light beings, to confuse lightworkers and truth seekers.

• Learning to exercise discernment is really important. This simply means developing a 'truth filter.' Instead of absorbing everything like a sponge, only take in what feels right or resonates.

• Because we all have different upbringings and live in different cultures, what may resonate with one may not resonate with another, and this is completely fine. As human beings we also have a unique akash, which is the collection of all our past life experiences and wisdom.

• Learning to connect with your higher-self and guides can be very helpful. Your higher self is an aspect of yourself in higher vibration that you can make a permanent connection with. Those on a spiritual, or ascension, path gradually download higher aspects of their soul and higher self, allowing a greater connection to take place. We all have guides, as well, that work through our intuition in order for us to make higher choices in our life. Because we are gifted with free will, it is always our choice whether we take their advice or wisdom on board.

• Meditation can be a great way to silence one's mind and connect to our inner voice or intuition. Guided meditation is also a great way to learn how to connect with one's higher self and guides. For those that like a little guidance and direction in their meditation, listening to a guide taking them through a journey can be very beneficial.

• If you feel unsure about something you read, hear or see online, asking the opinion of someone you trust can be helpful. You may like to ask a spiritual teacher, or meditation teacher, for their opinion or perspective on the information. They may be able to give you a different perspective, or shed some light on it that you may not have considered.

• Another point to keep in mind is in relation to predictions or future events. Higher beings don't usually make predictions because they are aware that their sense of time is different to our experience of time on Earth. They don't experience linear time as we do, and so something that they say may happen soon may not happen for another 10 years, or longer, in our time. It is important to live as much as possible in the 'now', because that is where our power lies, and truly that is all there is, the present moment, the 'Now'.

• Sometimes channeled information can sound very positive, but if it sounds too good to be true, exercise caution. As the old adage says – 'If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is' – can also be applied to channeled information. There is nothing wrong with being optimistic about the future, and indeed a bright future awaits us, but being grounded in this reality is important as well. Things are gradually getting better, but change will be slow and gradual. There will still be battles between the light and dark for quite some time, but rest assured – despite appearances – the light is winning!

It can be a bit of a spiritual minefield at times, with so many sources of information saying different, and sometimes conflicting, things. If ever in doubt, I recommend finding a quiet place and meditating on the information. You may even like to use a pendulum and ask 'yes' and 'no' questions, to gain more clarity. You can also ask your guides or higher self to verify the information for you. Once this connection is made and nurtured, it can be most helpful on your path to truth and enlightenment. I wish you all the best on your path to developing and trusting your intuition.

Brad Austen is an insightful and creative meditation teacher and a valued member of The Guided Meditation Site. Please follow this link to explore Brad Austen's guided meditations.

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Inspiration-Voice of the Soul

Thank you Austin for sharing your light.

Inspiration is the voice of the Soul- the "Mind and Consciousness of God" that makes every human being a living and intelligent entity.

Intelligent cultivation of the faculty of Inspiration is the most dependable safeguard against mortal errors. The reason is obvious, error is impossible at the level of the soul; it is the plane of pure light.

The great work for those who wish to realize their inherent divinity is to raise the mortal through a genuine process of spiritual alchemy. This will enable man to be able to reflect; without rarefaction or deviation the infallible wisdom and light of the soul in thought, word and deed.

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